25 06 2009

Farrah Fawcett passed away this morning after a battle with cancer. Just after she had finally accepted Ryan O’Neal’s proposal for marriage… finally.

Then, on the way home, I heard a news story on KDKA Radio about Michael Jackson passing away.

All the tweets I received seemed to question the validity of the news. But it was true. Michael Jackson has, in the words of @Mindbling, Beat It.

I remember getting the Thriller album (yes, the actual VINYL record) for Christmas. 1982. It was one of the things top on my list that year!! Wow. That was a really long time ago… I’m pretty sure my mom just sold that album, among others, at a recent garage/yard sale in Florida.

I happened to watch So You Think You Can Dance on Fox tonight (I have maybe 4 channels since the digital switch, I don’t have many choices) and even that show took time out to mention MJ’s death and to announce that on Monday there will be a special MJ episode…

Wow. Just Wow.

Some of my favorites that I could find on YouTube…

Heh. And there were more that I couldn’t find… Oh well…




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26 06 2009

I was glad to read your channel selection was reduced after digital. Big Perm keeps trying to convince us we’re getting shafted with our $9.95/month basic cable and its 8 chennels and that she has loads of channels and extra PBS stations and all this magical digital bounty! Free with digital! I knew she was full of bologna!

26 06 2009

Actually she isn’t. I only lost 1 channel. KDKA. And even it comes in sometimes. But I do have three PBS stations and a few extra stations as well. Two Fox channels, the Retro TV Network (which I love) and WTAE’s weather & traffic channel.

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