Batting practice…

29 06 2009

In preparation for Yinz Team softball, since I’ve never really played softball, @Calipanthergrl and I sepnt a day playing catch and at the batting cages. Apparently that wasn’t enough, since I struck out three or four times on Friday.

So tonight I went up to Beaver County and met @UncleCrappy and hit some softballs. I have two things to tell you:

  1. I actually hit 60-75% of the balls the machine tossed at me. Ask @UncleCrappy. He will tell you. I performed surprisingly well. Wow.
  2. OUCH. Not only did I forget what I plan to use as batting gloves (mountain biking gloves, complete with padding), but I forgot to take off the ring I wear 24×7 on the middle finger of my left hand. The result?


This was immediately after I got into my car after we left. Nice….

In other news:

I sent my sister & mom two quilt squares I put together for a new baby quilt and they were 100% approved! Yay!

My mom & dad spent today with my sister & Little C. I hate that I live here right now. They went and bought Little C some Sun Protection clothing, including a full suit, hat and these:


I’m sorry. But, for those of you who have seen how adorable she is, how hawt will she look in her little strappy shades??? Spectacular, I believe… I’ll let you know when and if I see pics or the actual thing in person…

Sooooo miss my little niece… I can’t tell you how well I slept knowing I could hold and talk to her that same night or the next day, depending on if I was woken up to care for her. Sleeping lately? Not so well. Not so fun. I’d really love to be the third shift for Little C again. Right. Now. Now, I tell you!!!!!




2 responses

29 06 2009
Uncle Crappy

AAA hit about .700, and half of those were solid. Team Shireman’s outfielders had better be ready.

30 06 2009
Whistle Blower

How did your knee feel during and after batting practice? I’m concerned. When you have a free minute, please send me an update.

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