What did I do tonight?

30 06 2009

A whole slew of things…

I started my evening by traveling up Rt. 8 to take care of a feline friend, Razor. I wanted to take a picture of him, because he is adorable & tiny, but of course, I forgot the camera at home. But I’m watching him for over a week, so I have time.

I then went to Target and through the amazing support of my parents & it being on sale, I bought my OWN table to use while I sew. Not only do I love my parents for this – and I’ll go into that sometime soon, but it also means I can return @Calipanthergrl’s table to her, approximately 6-8 months after I borrowed it. Thank you@Calipanthergrl!!!

After I got home, I took care of one rugby website issue… And tried to take care of another, but I can’t find the problem since the code looks fine when I look at it, but on the site it’s wrong… So I sent off an email to get that figured out.

Then I finished up the last two of the funky “personalization” quilt squares for that new quilt I’m making for my sister…

I also managed to do a little updating of the Brewfest page on the website, with a Twitter widget to come soon, I hope. And I added a bunch of people to the following list for PghBrewfest!

Whew. That was all from 9-11:30pm. Huh. No wonder I’m tired.

Anyway, I forgot to post this when I got home from Florida. One of the most interesting things about Florida is the amount of tiny lizard species that run around. Now, I heard from my parents that Echo loved to stalk and attack them at their first house. I never saw this in person, nor did I see it at their current place.

Now, my sister’s place is different. Just walking from the driveway to the house or vice versa (maybe 10-14 feet?) you could see 3-5 lizards running for cover. Every single time you make the trek… Amazing.

Also amazing is C, in the lanai, stalking and then attacking one of the lizards. No pictures of the attacking… just this:

the "prey" through the glass door AND the screen door...

the "prey" through the glass door AND the screen door...

my fave boy, C, stalking his prey. Said prey is towards the upper right corner of the pic...

my fave boy, C, stalking his prey. Said prey is towards the upper right corner of the pic...

For the record, C did catch some kind of lizard. Was it the one he was watching in the pictures? No idea. But he has fun out there. And at least he doesn’t bring a slightly living lizard, with its wiggling tail hanging out of his mouth to my sister, as a gift. I say that because Echo used to do that to my parents… lol.

Ok, who wants to tell me now how much I miss C and the rest of the crew in Florida?? hmmm… dangit. Still more than I can put into words.




One response

1 07 2009
Uncle Crappy

Miles has enough fun with the spiders in our house. If he ever saw a lizard, he’d be beside himself…

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