I should be sewing…

31 07 2009

But I’m not. But I’m working on something that I’ll be sewing later on. Or tomorrow morning…

Gotta get a few things ready to give my parents tomorrow to take back to Lili & Little C:

  1. A Steeler bib for Lili’s friend (done)
  2. A Virginia Tech bib for another of Lili’s friends (kinda partially done)
  3. A jumper thing for Little C (done)
  4. A bib & mini burp cloth for Little C (done)
  5. A plastic-backed bib for the drooling Little C (not done)
  6. The “sweet pea” tshirt I bought for Little C

Yeah, lots to do by early tomorrow. May fail, no big deal. I see Little C in 43 days.

The Nana and The GrandPa really had a nice time at Yinz Team softball tonight. So thanks, y’all. The Nana especially liked TehJack, I think. He told her all kinds of stories and, of course, gave me that award winning smile multiple times. how could you not dig TehJack? Unpossible.

I’m excited to spend the day with The Nana and The GrandPa tomorrow. We’re going sewing machine shopping. May not get one, but we’re going to go see what’s out there.

I’m trying to force myself to ignore the fact that they leave for Florida on Sunday. It makes me very sad.

Today’s Fortune Cookie.

31 07 2009

This one’s for Little C…


A mentor is someone whose hindsight can become your foresight.


Knee Doc…

30 07 2009

Today was the big day. A return to the doc I saw for my MCL tear/sprain a few years ago. (Actually in 2003, a long time ago!)

Seems fitting that my parents met me there today, considering they went with me on the first trip. They had to. I could hardly walk, and they still lived here. So they met me, just to meet me and see me. And sat in the waiting room.

Have I mentioned that I hate not having my parents here? Yes? Well, it’s a recurring theme, so get used to it.

Anyhow, remember how I was complaining about my knee more often to the point that I had such pain that I made the appointment? Yeah, the dang thing hasn’t hurt but a tiny bit since then. Seriously. The day I made the appointment, I was in terrible pain. Even just sitting and doing nothing – forget walking or moving.

And now? NOTHING. Doc poked, prodded, twisted, pushed, pulled – everything he could do. And got one tiny pain response from me. From an area where I’ve never really had pain. (Well below my knee, 3 inches or so, on the interior of my right leg… huh?)

WTH???? I’d like a little consistency here, stupid knee pain. This isn’t all fun & games, yo.

So, the Doc is stumped, as am I. He’s leaning towards meniscus tear, which is pretty much what I diagnosed myself with. Xrays showed nothing (I could’ve told them that).

So now I have an MRI on Monday. Then another appointment with the same Doc a week or so later. And then we’ll see if there is something wrong or if my knee is just trying to make me think I truly am crazy.

Other news…. Spending the whole day Saturday with The Nana & The GrandPa. I. Can’t. Wait.

Someone at work today said they’ve never seen such a big smile on my face nor me so happy. Guaranteed it’s due to my parents being here and the fact that I booked my next three Florida trips…

So glad I didn’t campaign for Little C to be a Bucco fan… As of now, with the Pirates trading away everyone, she will never be allowed to be a Pirates fan. I’m so glad NE is a Red Sox fan right now. Geez. Thankfully, we still have football and hockey seasons that are competitive between the two teams we all like to help Little C figure out how to be a super sports fan!!

And… Only 42 more days till I get to see my Little C again. *Swoon* 42 days. I can wait that long. I hope. I miss her so much. (I also miss Lili and NE – don’t be fooled. I want all of my family within a few hours drive max…) I know the second I see her & hold her again, all will be right in the world again for another month or so… *sigh*

Guest appearance…

30 07 2009

On Friday I have a Yinz Team softball game. As always lately on Fridays. Although I missed last week’s game…

My parents are in town. And I intend to spend every second I can with them…Seeing them here in the ‘Burgh has really reinforced to me that I miss them like a crazy person and really wish they were here at least a few months of the year. Seriously.

So to combine both, I’ve invited my parents, who will now be known as The Nana and The GrandPa (since they rock at being grandparents,) to come watch the game. To my shock, they agreed. (so far)

I love Yinz Team softball. My previous experience with any type of bat & ball sport was when I was 5 or 6. Trying to play t-ball. The GrandPa was a coach. And I sucked. Big time. Hello ADD. I was put in the outfield and I’m pretty sure I inspected every piece of the sky and every blade of grass near me. Never even noticing if a ball came near me.

I did the same when we tried soccer too. Unfortunately, rugby is the only sport that made me pay attention. Maybe it’s the fact that there’s no padding and you can get your world rocked at any second, I don’t know, but still, I’m loving this softball thing. And The Nana won’t watch rugby voluntarily…

Softball here we come…

Since I’ve entered this online world and shared my with my parents that I have new friends, they’ve always asked how all of you are doing. Seriously. I’m not kidding! Even two months after I started this blog and went to Florida for Christmas. My mom always asks. Always. Heck, they drove me around to contribute to BurghBaby’s Christmas Crazy post!

They don’t really like that I blog. The Nana doesn’t want her stuff out there on the interwebz, and I appreciate that, and as such, the rest of you should as well. Which is why, unless you are someone I consider close, you’ll never see a pic of my parents, Lili, NE or Little C. Certainly not on this blog. And I try not to tell too many details…

But, I kid you not when I say that The Nana actually does know some of your real names – not your Twitter or Blog names, even! She pays attention, that one!

So this Friday, The Nana, The GrandPa and I will be attending Yinz Team Softball. This is your warning to behave yourselves! And to come out in droves…

If you have children, young children – please bring them. I have The Nana going through some serious Little C withdrawal and I’m pretty sure seeing any kiddo will make her day. (And make The GrandPa’s life so much easier…)

Or, if I know you well and you’d like to see The Nana’s little photo album she carts around, please ask her. She’d be happy to show you and gush over the pics. Truth be told, she won’t cry when showing you the pics. I guarantee you I would cry showing you any picture. I usually do when I post them anywhere. Not lying.

Plus, if you’d like to get a good word in for Little C in the future, The Nana is where to start. I’m not even kidding. Teaspoon, Ruslan, Wyatt and TehJack? I’m just looking out for you, boys…. lol. (Never mind that Little C is NEVER, ever allowed to talk to, look at or consider dating a boy!! After BurghBaby’s recent issue, Little C can’t talk to boys. EVER.)

I can’t wait until Friday. I love The Nana and The GrandPa. And if I could steal them from Florida and make them stay here with me, even for two months a year, I would. In one, hot second.

That is all. See you Friday night!

Things from Florida, and Canada…

28 07 2009

My parents are in town… And with them they brought presents. Mostly old presents.

  • Like the pair of brown sandals my mom picked up from me at JC Penney over a year ago.
  • And the black sandals she bought for me last Christmas.

Both of which I left at my parents house last Christmas. (both of which will come in handy since I can’t wear flip flops at work anymore…)

They brought a few Christmas gifts – a set of Tervis Tumblers, and snowmen decorations that my mom buys my sister and I every year – that I had left.

They brought two shirts that I had forgotten I even left there. Including a Columbia shirt.  I love Columbia clothing, especially in the summer. How I forgot about this shirt, I have no idea.

They brought a shopping bag full of paperback books. Mass market paperbacks that I’ll read every once in a while. One book per sitting. So, it will last me a month or two.

I also got a sweet new pair of Merrell sandals. (Guaranteed my parents did NOT pay what Zappos is asking!) They are super comfy!

They also brought two cans of pure Canadian Maple Syrup. Yay!

And they brought me one of the most delicious things ever made. Okaramel. aka Caramel Butter or Velvet Caramel. Made by the monks at the Abbey of Notre-Dame du Lac at Oka. I don’t really know what you’re supposed to use it for – I always put it on toast. But I’m sure there are a thousand uses for it.



I’ll probably look into the other options at some point. But now I’m going to bask in the delicious glory that is three, that’s right, THREE 900g jars of Okaramal. That’s nearly 6 pounds of Okaramel. The last jar I had was maybe 1/4 of this. And I finished it three years ago at best.

If my apartment looses power, you bet your butt that I’m going through hell & highwater to save these jars. I will try very hard to NOT eat all three jars in one sitting with multiple loaves of bread.

I also got a new silver Inukshuk.


What’s an Inukshuk? It is commonly a stone figure, used to “point you in the right direction.” It’s an Inuit cultural symbol. See more here

This is not my first Inukshuk. My parents bought me one on their last trip through Canada, similar to this one, though made of polished stone, quite a few years ago. So technically, I now own Inuksuit.


I’m cool with this. Because who doesn’t need someone or something to point them in the right direction once in a while? I have Little C now, but really, I’ll take all the help I can get.

I was also loaned a stack of pictures of Little C for me to scan into my laptop. Including the picture from the very second I first held Little C. And some other cute ones I haven’t seen yet!

Scottish Wedding. FTW.

25 07 2009

A few weeks ago, the Angry Scottish Man, a rugby buddy, invited me to his wedding celebration this past Friday. A few other ruggers would be in attendance, and I was welcome to bring a guest.

After mulling the idea over for a while, I decided to bring Field Mouse. He is a fun guy, the field mouse incident aside, and I knew he wouldn’t be someone I’d have to worry about. It might be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After arriving at the wedding a bit late (it started at 4pm, but CPG and I both had to work most of the day) we found out that the “dancing” was about to begin.

Now, what everyone thinks here is the regular old wedding dances. Um, no. We would be watching the wedding party (all four men in traditional Scottish kilts) do a Scottish country dance, and then we would be participating and learning the dance.

orig scottish dance 2

Angry Scottish Man and Wife!

(look at those kilts!!! My heart melted!)

These dances were sort of like square dancing, but oh so much fun. We continued to learn new dances and dance the ones we learned again over & over. We danced so much that none of us drank very much – amazing for a wedding, I know. You can’t quite carry your drink and do these dances… And each and every rugby person there voluntarily put down their drinks whenever a new dance was announced! It really was so much fun! A couple of us plan to go to the Scottish Country Dancing Society’s classes that they hold!

I plan to have a discussion with my mother as to why I never, ever learned of these dances before this wedding…

field mouse and i

Field Mouse and I mid-dance... (excuse the red-eye....)

I think you can tell, I really did have a blast. I would probably not have danced had it not been for Field Mouse. Seriously. I’m a wall flower. Turns out, Field Mouse & I are good dance partners. As long as it doesn’t involve any kind of two person waltzy type thing. We’re not so great at that…

The wife of the Wife of the Scottish Man is quite crafty, as are her friends. The invitations and decorations were all handmade! I mentioned to Angry Scottish Man that I really loved the origami mobiles that were hanging downstairs and he offered me one! Sweet!!!! (thank you ASM, btw.) All of the origami swans were handmade by one of the bridesmaids. WOW!

While I love it, I have no place to put it and I kind of think it’s perfect for my Little C. So I’ll be sending it back with my parents after their visit next week! I hope my sister and Little C love it as much as I do!

oragimi mobile

origami closeup1

Awesome, right?

Field Mouse has been informed that he is my potential date for any weddings that come up in the future. And I might steal him for any other events that make me think I’ll be a wall-flower, too!

So thank you, Field Mouse, fellow ruggers, and especially the Angry Scottish Man and Wife for such a great evening!!

It’s acceptable, I guess…

23 07 2009

Welcome to my comedy of errors dress story…

A week or two ago, I decided to make a new dress. I have a wedding to go to tomorrow, and I wanted something new… I bough the fabric, cut out the pattern pieces and started sewing. Part way through the top, I decided I hated it.

So I bought a new pattern. A Cynthia Rowley pattern. Which considering the other dress I made recently, I figured it would be simple… I thought I could use the pieces for the other dress and leftover fabric for the pattern pieces. I was wrong. I had to buy more fabric. Twice.


it's the red one, btw

The dress has a nice little contrast fabric band around the middle… Which means you eventually have to sew through around 8 layers of fabric. Not fun. And then, once I had the top attached to that band? I realized I somehow attached the front of the top to the wrong side of the back… meaning the wrong side of the dress faced out. Crap.

I had already done 75% of the work, so I figured I’d make do. I finished the skirt, attached it, added the zipper and then I discovered this… (excuse the color variations in the pics. My camera and I had a fight.)


The left side of the back of the dress is 1/4" - 1/2" longer than the right side...

How the hell did I not notice this?

the middle band matches up... how does the top not match up!?!?!?!

The middle band matches up… how does the top not match up!?!?!?! Crap. So I had to rip out part of the zipper, rip out the entire top seam, and part of the arm strap seam, fix the error and reattach all the pieces…



Ok. So we’re good right? Yeah, not so much. The dress fit. Sort of. Needed taken in. Rather than mess with the side seams, I decided to take the dress in through the back seam. Which meant removing the whole zipper… No big deal!

And this happened:zipper rip

zipper rip2

Great… Now I need a new zipper. I sent a tweet about that and then set off for Joann’s. I got about 4 blocks away and said, “Screw that! I’ll fix it with some extra fabric!” And guess what? I did. (Minor victory 1 in this tragic comedy.)

So the dress is done. Bottom hem sewn. I try it on and I see this in the mirror:


Yeah, way too much cleavage for me to be comfortable… Crap. It actually looked worse than it does in the picture. Something was wrong with the whole top, it was way too loose… Can I fix this? Well, I’ve been through everything else with this dress….

new dress

…so heck yeah I can. I few little stitches and here we are. I’m not entirely happy with it, but it’ll do…

I think I’ll take a vacation from dresses for a while and go back to baby things that are easy to sew and can be squared off and finished up quite easily. And don’t involve zippers. Or many, many layers or fabric.


21 07 2009

So last night I was treated to some new pictures of Little C. There were just a handful of them. And they were awesome…

Pics of her on her boppy with D’s head planted just next to hers. Pics of her smiling. And pics of her first trip to the pool….

And pictures of super-chubby cheeks and oh-my-goodness chubby thighs!!!

And the result of said pictures is that if that baby gets a smidge cuter before September, my head (and probably my heart,) will EXPLODE.

I am convinced that the rest of my family are trying to kill me with adorable pictures of Little C.*

This is not nice. At all. It’s downright mean, I tell you. It’s abuse via photographs. “Hey! Look what we can see in person and you can’t!” *

I can’t handle it. She’s so aware in the pictures now… And apparently she’s talking. Well, in gibberish/baby talk. People, I’d sell you a body part to see Little C speak baby talk in person. NO, I am not kidding.

And you better bet the next time I’m there, C and I are going swimming…

The paragraphs marked with a * are totally in jest. I know my family is trying to bring Little C to me through photos, since I am so far away… And they know I love her more than life itself…

The paragraphs about my head exploding, are not in jest. They are entirely, 100%, totally true. It might happen… wow.


20 07 2009

I finally spoke to my mom tonight. First time in 5 days or so. My mom confirmed that they ate at the restaurants I mentioned here. And when I asked if they ate at Rôtisserie Laurier BBQ, my mom said Yes! It was just as we all remembered. Delicious. I nearly cried. And then she went on to tell me that she and my dad shared a piece of Sugar Pie for dessert. I’m sure that by telling me not only was it JUST like we remembered, but by telling me THEY SHARED A PIECE OF THE PIE I WOULD KILL SOMEONE FOR, my mom hates me and is trying to make me miserable. Would anyone like to bankroll a trip to Montreal for a meal at Rôtisserie Laurier BBQ for me? No? Great, I remain miserable….

Bonus point to my mom for telling me they did actually stop at the Oka Abbey and hopefully purchased loads of Caramel Butter for me to devour like a crazy lady. Caramel Butter? Think that caramel apple dip on crack and then some… It’s the almost as delicious as Sugar Pie… I didn’t ask how much they bought for me, I’m considering it an early birthday surprise when they get to the ‘Burgh next week.

I just realized I forgot to ask my mom to get me Madelines from the shop across the street from Rôtisserie Laurier BBQ.  Crap. I’m a failure.

The saving grace of the phone call was the discussion of what to get My Little C for her baptism. Pretty much immediately after I posted this post, I started to wonder what to buy or make (obviously) for My Little C . After thinking on it for a while, I decided I wouldn’t make something. I wanted something that would eventually help explain to Little C that I love her to death, think about her just about every second of every day, and will always be here for her, no matter what.  And, I’ve found it!! And my mom thinks it’s great!! But I can’t post it here right now because it’s going to be a surprise for Little C, Lili and NE.  So I’m moving forward with it. Yay!

I’d still kill someone for a slice of Rôtisserie Laurier BBQ Sugar Pie. I’m not kidding. Dang.

Guess what it is… revisited…

19 07 2009

Wow, folks. I’m shocked. No one got it right. At least no one that is eligible to be entered into the Brewfest raffle. (Thanks for trying rugby peeps!) Really… you don’t know what two fabrics and bells mean on this site? It’s not baby related. At. All. So let’s try again, shall we?

I’m giving you bigger pics this time too…





I’ll give you a hint. It’s in a post from early May.

And now it gets harder… You have to tell me WHO it’s for…

Honestly, this should be easy, people. Very, very easy.

Go. Now. Figure it out. I only sew/make ONE single thing that involves bells!!