What a weekend…

5 07 2009

I started the nice, long weekend on Thursday with a visit to Hough’s in Greenfield to bid goodbye to Justin & Ann who are now residents of the DC area. Good & bittersweet times. I’m sure we’ll see them again though which makes all of us quite happy.

On Friday I went to the weekly Yinz Team softball game. Where I proved that batting practice does improve your ability to hit the ball. I didn’t strike out once!! I think I only had two or three stikes total for the night. Sweet! Team Pants Party lost again, however to Team Shireman (I can’t remember their official name.)

At the softball game, the whole Yinz Team was introduced to Chewy. Chachi’s new puppy.

2009-07-03 14.38.55

I swear Chewey could curl up and live quite nice in my scrum cap, or my rugby boot. Yes, one boot. He’s that tiny.

Saturday was spent at the BEV Lounge & Resort. They were kind enough to open their home to me earlier than the time the party was to start, so that I could watch the USA v. Canada World Cup qualifier match live in HD on ESPN. The TV & HD part was awesome. The game? It pretty much sucked. The Eagles really need to work on the basics – like, oh, catching the dang ball and not knocking it on right outside the try zone… We’re lucky their kicker, Mike Hercus, the flyhalf, has a killer foot and kicked for every single point they scored.

The rest of the night at the BEV Lounge & Resort was awesome. For your viewing pleasure:


Dahcheet rocking in my fire gloves...




Super 4th festive!!




Not pictured is Anthony and I playing catch. Fun! And fireworks. But I’ve just shared with you the ones I thought were good an fun and memorable.

For the first time, in 7 years, I spent the 4th with non-rugby people. My new friends. But honestly, my friends. And you know what? They are awesome. And I love each and every one of them.




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