Comtemplating what?

9 07 2009

Seriously, I was not kidding with my “Contemplating” post. However, I apparently forgot that I still play rugby and that I hadn’t been to practice or in contact with anyone very much in more than a few weeks. Ah,  The Organization…

The events below have happened SINCE that post, but not in chronological order. There is another post in production about things that have happened BEFORE and during. Ohsomuchfun.

And WOW do I apologize for this wordiness. It’s ridic. But those of you who have been with me from the start, or play rugby, let alone “touch” will get it.

  • I spent the ENTIRE evening tonight doing rugby crap on my laptop. Don’t miss this. AT. ALL
  • I’ve had to modify/update and send out the newsletter since the current secretary is out of the country and things needed added/updated. Fun. I’m lying.
  • The Brewfest date is official. Nov. 13th. Same place. Different setup (I hope.)
  • The Brewfest Twitter account has somewhere around 350 followers. SWEET!
  • And there’s a Brewfest Tweet Up event posted. Any other event? Bite me. It’s no where as fun as the Brewfest. I’ve been known to be relaxed and smile at Brewfest. I’m not even kidding.
  • (Oh btw, that So Tier Mokah? Was fantabulous. Ask @UncleCrappy. I shared it at the Bucco Tweet Up.)
  • Also, while I do NOT miss doing rugby all night, I do love the Brewfest. Love. Love. Love.
  • I went to touch last night. First time in over a week. Um…
  • I have realized that unless certain people are there (including myself), the entire collective seems to be unable to get themselves started.
    • What is getting started? Counting who shows up, as they show up. A total number. Calling everyone together – men on one side, women on the other (to atttempt equal numbers of each on each team) – and announce the number to count off by.
      • It will always be a minimum of 2, but it can be any number 3-8. It’s easy, to ME. If it’s 6 and the person next to me says 4, I say FIVE. Not ONE. Not SIX. If I had a penny for each time they effed up the counting off thing? I would not have an Etsy shop. Or a job at all.
  • Side note: Just once. ONCE. Before I blow them all up, (kidding… no, not really) I want the counting off process to kind of work. Please. For my sanity.
    • With two fields, and the count of 6, you split as such: 1, 2 and 3 on one field; 4, 5, 6 on the other. And then each field works out if 1 and 2 and 4 and 5 start and 3  & 6 sits.
      • Is that confusing? Counting? I thought we learned that BEFORE pre-school? I’m hoping that some of my rugby buddies, however snarky (welcomed) they may be, to provide some input here… (I think you know who you are… angry scottish guy, pghrugbyref, whistleblower, bearaphrase, and Pseudo Brit – aka “spam is my twitter avatar”…) with the issues with this and the rest of what I have to say about Summer 7s.
  • So Tuesday, without my “counting off” cohorts, and knowing the collective can’t function without direction, I counted over 50 people. (Woa. 50? Where did all these people come from?) So I decided on 6. Why am I in charge? Someone called me “the general” and they didn’t think I heard them…
    • It should have ended up with three even teams and one extra on each field. That did not happen, but it worked itself out somehow. How? I have no idea.
  • The “rules” of the Summer 7s, which are sent out to everyone (that we know of) at the beginning of the season,  include this:
    • The defensive team’s call is final.  A defensive player’s call can only be overruled by their own defensive teammates or a referee if one exists for the match. The defensive team also calls any infractions (forward pass, knock-on, obstruction) and is responsible for keeping count of the downs.
      • What this means, as a defensive person, (especially, at one point, far from the action – watching directly across the field) if you see the ball thrown to someone IN FRONT OF the thrower, you can call a forward pass infraction. It should be called loud enough for both teams to hear, & the offensive side MUST abide by the call. Which means it becomes the other team’s ball.
    • Also, A “tag” must be with both hands and it’s on the honor system.  Please take the honor system seriously! A tag is performed by a player placing two hands on any part of the ball, body or clothing of the ball carrier.
      • This means, if you tag someone, WITH BOTH hands, you “call it” or say out loud “touch” or “tag.” Again, the honor system.
  • I try not to call anything, except touch, unless I truly feel that I saw it. I’m old and heading to ref status, so I look at it as if I was the ref – or my current side job, touch judge. I’d swear on anything dear to me IF I call something. When I call touch, you best believe I have dived, fallen, mangled myself, or I-swear-to-god-I-got-you touched you with at least one fingertip on each hand. I will not lie about that. Or the forward pass. Why the eff would I launch myself in your direction and call it, if I did not “tag” you?? I’ve launched myself in people’s directions many times, missed them, and said absolutely nothing. Duh.
    • So Tuesday, with 50+ people, we managed to drift back to not paying attention to the rules set forth. I was challenged by the offensive team – not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES by the same team, ALL by the same individual (a regular year-round rugger who definitely got the rules email – but probably didn’t read it) – about my forward pass calls. And this one person, through their complaining not only about my calls, but my teammates calls, caused the entire game to nearly disintegrate to the point that people tried to leave our field to go to the other one.
  • This is totally unacceptable in my mind – not the leaving (I left the entire function once I was angry enough) – but the offense not abiding by the “honor system” on the defensive team’s part and causing the breakdown of a decent three side on-off game we had going…
  • Come on – I’ve played touch for 9 summers, this one included. And there are always arguments. And we’ve had bad years because of it. Miserable years, with 20 people max on a GREAT day showing up, because it wasn’t FUN! But that is exactly why we sent out RULES. So that everyone “gets it.” It worked last year, and it dang well better work this year.
  • If I survived with all these “rules” so can they. Even the people I asked to comment on this post would mostly agree – I think.

I ended up leaving early, as usual, because not only was I fed up with the complaints on calls, I had things to do at home, and my knee threatening to revolt, AND I somehow slid to grab the ball on the ground (common occurance) and got a cut on my elbow, which I discovered was dripping blood and not stopping about 10 minutes after it happened. Oops, sorry whomever I managed to throw my blood upon.

I haven’t heard any feedback from Tuesday – so let’s see how Thursday goes. I’m going to bet kinda calm and chill only cause PghRugbyRef will be there. Honest.




5 responses

9 07 2009

Yeah I’ll be there Thursday (tonight! YEA!) I’m sure the “competitive” sides will be seperated and I’ll be keeping them in line. I haven’t had to yell at anyone yet, but we’ll see what happens tonight.

I know what you mean about Brewfest, it’s a great time. I enjoyed setting it up the first few years, and am VERY HAPPY that you took over and you have been doing a wonderful job.

I enjoy Cooper’s Lake. Ok, so I don’t do the administrative stuff I used to with that either, but I do like setting up the pitches and Saturday. I get excited every year. I think that with some sweet talk, we can convince the Coopers to let a few of us camp again.

Now, about the 7s…

Some people are way too serious in these touch practices. It’s supposed to be fun and they forget that. Maybe these people have a hard time relaxing because they don’t like their lives, have some competitive issues, or the whole “my shit don’t stink, I don’t do wrong” complex. Not sure. At least it’s not Asshat (right?!).

It is surprising that they can’t get the whole counting and breaking up concept. Most have college degrees and still fail. It’s simple math, my six year old can do it. I do know that after I call out my number, I have to hold that many fingers up or I’ll forget what I have, blame that on getting kicked in the head too many times (or maybe some other short term memory loss cause.)

The year long rugger that questioned your calls, want me to kick him in the nuts?

9 07 2009
Whistle Blower

Blame the women’s coach for the team’s not getting started/organized. There was sprinting fitness that took place prior to touch. The men started at 6:00, the women at 6:15 and a few straglers started after that. As you saw, a lot of space was taken up by the sprints – and due to the fragmented arrival of players – some groups finished late, thus complicating any prior team allocation. (I do know, however, the ruggers are oh so special and can eff up touch teams on their own – either b/c they aren’t on their buddy’s team or from just being outright retarded).

I have been associated with the sport since my first practice in 1991. Never before have I seen a team have so many problems with a simple, recreational game of touch. Oh, and Tuesday, you didn’t see the team’s newest Asshat…former Quin player. Let the good times begin!

9 07 2009

It wasn’t the women’s coach at all. It happens EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

We have serious issues. I love summer touch. But after one too many bad sessions a few years ago, I only stay for about an hour. It’s all I can stand without freaking out on someone for being a moron. (As entertaining as that may be for all of you.) So I try to get the best run in that I can in that hour and leave. Sanity intact. Mostly.

9 07 2009

this post + comments= better than the daytime television i’ve been watching since “maternity leave” started. maybe i’ll come watch touch again just to enjoy all the madness!!!

10 07 2009
Angry Scottish Man

I think we can all agree the counting is a total joke. I think it is made worse by the young whipper snappers that then just join their buddies team anyway. We have 24 people and then end up with a team of nine with all the young quick ‘cool’ people and then a team of 4 and teams a team of five and a team of six. Rather than teams 4 teams of eight or what ever we should have.
Oh to be young and cool.
But I make up for my lack of coolness with cynicism, sarcasm and contempt, and a healthy does of complaining. How I love to watch us crush these kids in the full contact warm up games during the preseason.
Another thing that i love is that the angles are so much better than the guys, pound for pound, and could run them off the field, as their fitness is 1000 times that of ours, yet we won’t pass them the ball.
I hear a recent study said that if you are under 23 and you pass to a girl it means you have a small penis and are fearful of women. Must not let anyone think that, better keep the ball to your self and run backwards across the field.

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