‘Cause I told you to…

10 07 2009

Go.  Vote.  Now.


The correct & only answer is “Burgh Baby”




That is all…

(by the way if the format of this minimalist is all wonky, sue me. I just spent – I kid you not – 20 min or so trying to fix why the first Go thing is not CENTERED when I preview the post. And why, no matter how much I try, I can’t get a full return to appear after “Click Here.” So now, I’ll post this & everything will look FINE, and you’ll read this disclaimer and wonder what the heck is wrong with me… Nothing. Nothing is wrong with me. I swear, with the exception of a worse-by-the-day knee.)



3 responses

10 07 2009

if it makes you feel better, the formatting is showing up very smartly on firefox on my mac!

10 07 2009

thanks!! it’s still looking messed up even on my work PC.

Tell Baby Lev to get moving!! 🙂

10 07 2009

Looks great to me on Vista with IE8.

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