EPIC Fail.

10 07 2009

Yeah, I said I was quitting or something like that… But we all know even if I didn’t blog for a week, a month, or a year, eventually (probably within a week, let’s be honest) something would piss me off to bring me back.

In the last three days a lot has happened – and I have been needing to rant. Even about things I haven’t & won’t rant about on here! Imagine…  And when the current topic happened this evening, I found myself so fired up I went back to wanting to break someone. Again. (@Calipanthergrl, @UncleCrappy & @BurghBaby no, I won’t do it, but for the post, it sounds good! *insert evil laugh here*)

Anyway, when I was in Florida my sister and I saw ads on TV for this product… “Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets.”


Woa. Not only detergent and fabric softener in one product, but anti-static too? Being the lazy person I am, and buying a wealth of fabric lately, on top of having to wash my own stuff, I thought this was a product sent directly from heaven. So I managed to find sales/discounts/coupons and went and bought myself some fancy new Purex sheets.

And after the first use, on just purchased fabrics, I started to iron the fabric. And I thought I saw a few “spots.” It was a printed fabric and eventually I convinced myself that my eyes were playing tricks. Then I used them again on newly purchased fabrics and here & there noticed spots. Some solid fabrics and some patterned, but way more than the first time.

Convincing myself I either must have let the fabric come into contact with something that stained it (yes, I know, new fabric directly out of the Joann’s bag & into the washer… How could that happen? It can’t.) or I was nuts to be seeing these things, I washed my own clothing with these sheets. Just jeans, socks, rugby stuff, tshirts. (None of my “good” clothing – ones that need washed in cold or hot ONLY and hung dry were washed with this. Whew.) Obviously I don’t iron these things immediately, if at all, so I have no idea what their condition is…

Tonight, I decided to work on a little sewing project that will end up being the Little C and Me logo in fabric and BIG. Kinda like a sign. So I washed a few recently purchased fabrics, including a “fat quarter square” (which is black, unfortunately for this story.) Besides the black square, the pieces were 8″ and 10″ x 45″ widths. When I retrieved them from the dryer and started to iron them, you can’t even imagine my shock when I saw spots ALL OVER the first small piece of fabric.

Excuse the lack of focus in the pics. My camera and I had a big fight over this tonight.


this, boys & girls, is a 8" x 13" area of fabric. count the spots. do it. do it now. I know I did it for you, but still, count for your self... that's a pin there in the middle. for reference.

close up on the spots. camera was misbehaving, thus the circle and button to help us with size etc.

close up on one of the spots. camera was misbehaving, thus the circle and button to help us with size etc.


Wow, Purex. Your product is AWESOME. I’m lying, in case you haven’t felt my anger coming at you like death rays from this post.

So I looked at the product packaging,which recommends rubbing any spots with bar soap and re-washing in warm water. Well, first, I already did wash in warm water. (Each wash or dry cycle costs me $1 each, by the way.) And did you see that 8×13″ area? You want me to rub bar soap on all of those spots, and the ones I didn’t manage to capture on the camera? I may as well coat the entire 8×45″ piece in bar soap. Are you out of your freaking mind? Product = FAIL, Major. Fail. You want me to spend $4 to wash and re-wash fabric I paid $1.00 and $0.58 cents for? Are you psychotic?

And then I went to the website, where I submitted a review telling them how much they suck. I intentionally skipped the “give us stars” part and hit submit. OOOOOOOOOOH. Purex’s site won’t let you submit without giving them at least one star. I guess at this point in the fail log, I should be happy they let you submit with only one and don’t require three or four.  (death rays. right at ya Purex.)

And finally I went to the FAQ for this craptastic product:

Similar to other softeners like liquid fabric softeners or dryer sheets, spotting can occur when the fabric softener ingredients are unevenly distributed on fabric. Spotting is usually temporary, especially if the spots are treated properly.
It should be noted that with certain fabric materials (including polyesters or other synthetic materials) spotting is more likely to occur. These fabric materials tend to attract more of the fabric softener ingredients than natural fibers (like cotton).
We recommend the following to minimize spotting:
  1. Always check your garment care tag for any special requirements related to fabric softener use.
  2. Do not over fill your dryer with laundry.
  3. Use medium heat rather than low or high heat settings.
  4. Use the auto dry setting vs. timed dry (using auto dry will also save energy and ensure your laundry is not over dried.)
  5. In some situations, large laundry items, like bed sheets, can create an environment prone to spotting since large laundry can rap around the laundry sheet trapping it from moving freely in the dryer.
If spotting occurs, rub with bar soap and rewash with warm water.

In defense of my rant:

  1. You can go ahead and bet that I WILL check to see if these spots are “temporary.” I’m going to say no based on the earlier washing experiences.
  2. Every. Single. Fabric. that I washed from Joann’s was 100% cotton. As in Kona cotton, folks.
  3. Before I even used these things, I actually read the instructions and started the washer and added the sheet long before I added any garments. And repeated for every subsequentload.
  4. Nothing was over-filled. And three pieces of small fabric? Over-fill isn’t even possible.
  5. My dryer does not have auto-dry. But I’m picky and I like to iron my fabrics when they are just a little bit damp. Therefore I only leave them in the mid-setting dryer cycle for 50-75% of the time…

My final decision is that these sheets are the product from HELL.

I’m going to stop now. Because whatever else I might say will NOT be nice. And this post has been as nice as I can be. Purex, you suck.



6 responses

10 07 2009
Burgh Baby

Thank you for saving me a few bucks. I was thinking about trying that stuff, but not any more!

11 07 2009

apparently another yinz teamer’s mom also used them to pre-wash sewing fabric and had the SAME problem…

11 07 2009

you should write a hard copy letter to customer service in addition to the website survey…but then if you do they’ll probably just send you coupons for their other products, which is NOT what you want. gross.

11 07 2009

thanks for reviewing this product. i was intrigued by the concept, but put off by the price. the “no more measuring” tag line made me laugh. yeah, measuring is *so* hard. if you have to haul your laundry to a laundromat, i can see how these little sheets would easier/lighter to carry. however, for those of us with laundry facilities in the house, the measuring is no biggie. 🙂 i wonder how long before they pull this epic fail off the shelves.

i agree with, katy, that a hard copy letter will have additional impact.

11 07 2009

Unfortunately, the review was NOT intentional! The convenience of it was what I liked. I don’t own the washer & dryer I use – I rent and occasionally go to the laundromat, so I thought it would be helpful. Not so much!

16 07 2009

I know this is ages late in the blogging world. I can’t find it now, but read either in Consumerist or Consumer Reports that the Purex thingies actually cost more per load. (As if that’s surprising…)

So, if your clothes come out with spots they tell you to rewash!? That.is.genius. 🙂

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