Please. Send. Painkillers.

10 07 2009
    • I just saw a second guy in two days wearing a Hawaiian shirt at work. Not college interns or whatever. Regular old adult men. Ha! I have nothing against Hawaiian shirts, I own one myself. But these are the LOUD, obnoxious ones that are really better suited for parties and not work.
    • A new company-wide rule says I can’t wear flip flops. I don’t own any summer shoes besides running shoes that are NOT flip flops. Yet these men wear Hawaiian shirts to work. Huh?
    • My knee has decided that our relationship is over. No longer do I have occasional pain on the inside of my knee. As of last night, I have full-on pain throughout my entire knee that mostly feels like someone has a knitting needle in there and is just moving it around for fun. And that’s when I’m sitting. Walking? Yeah, not a good idea. If my knee doesn’t give out of it’s on accord, the pain makes is really difficult to walk.  It even hurts when I drive my car and move my foot from the gas to the brake. WTH???
    • I actually considered wearing a SKIRT to work today so that I could wear my gross knee brace in the hopes of alleviating some of the pain. Then I realized how gross the knee brace was. And that I haven’t worn a skirt to work since my last knee injury in 1995.
    • My weekend has gone from crazy busy to almost empty in the last 5 minutes. No Yinz Team softball tonight. *tear*
    • A party I was to attend this weekend is now postponed due to some bad weather we’re supposed to get. We’re getting bad weather? Really? Worse than that ridiculous storm I spent an evening wading through in Monroeville? I swear I watch the news, but I had zero idea it was supposed to rain tomorrow.
    • This free time does allow me some time to figure out what the heck I’m wearing to a wedding celebration in two weeks where many of the men, perhaps my date included, will be wearing kilts.
    • Anyone else shocked that the men I know who are going to this wedding did not ask me to sew them a kilt? Yeah. Me too!
    • Instead, I’m considering sewing myself a dress. A very simple, very plain, very cheap dress. But a new dress regardless. If this surprises you, we need to talk.
    • And by now, you smart folk out there that I talk to on a daily basis or in my Twitterverse are thinking:


    • And being the nice girl that I am, I have answers for you:

    Yes, I am a moron. If you don’t know that yet, we have problems. And besides it’s super fun to hop around the office on your good leg. (1)

    Appointment made. July 30th. (2)

    • Now will someone please send painkillers before I start crying and make you all feel uncomfortable?



    2 responses

    10 07 2009
    Uncle Crappy


    I have about a dozen good aloha shirts, and I’ve talked myself into wearing one to work once or twice. It’s never really felt like the right thing to do, though. And flip-flops are out of the question; I once was sent to Macy’s from work because I wasn’t wearing socks on a 90-degree day. Bastards.

    10 07 2009
    Uncle Crappy

    And: For some reason, I’m now wondering about a scarlet and gray kilt. Although that might be a bit much, even for me…

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