15 07 2009

As we all know, Little C was born just over two months ago. I’ve visited her once so far, and believe me, if I could see her once a month, week or day, I would do it. She’s getting so big now. She doesn’t even resemble my infant baby burrito much anymore!

I love every picture I receive. I probably look at each picture about 50 times – in just the few days after I get them. I savor these pictures. For now it’s the only way I can SEE Little C.

I can’t even explain how I feel and how much love I feel when I look at these pictures of her. It is overwhelming. It has made me hope to be able to help her grow, teach her things, inspire her to read and learn and be active and play and so.much.else. All within Lili & NE’s boundaries, of course. Oh, and to be the spoiler of her and the extra fun one since my sister said when I left Florida that it’s why I’m there. Me, my mom and my dad and the in-laws. We’re the spoilers and extra fun.

Two days ago I was honored to be asked by my sister and NE to be Little C’s godmother. And honored isn’t even the right word. It’s so much more than that. Obviously I accepted. And obviously I am over-the-moon happy to do this.

I am unable to express how much this gift from Lili and NE means to me. Completely unable. I tried to write this post since I was asked and I’ve been completely unable. There aren’t even enough words in the English language to explain how I feel.

All those tiny hopes I had to be involved in Little C’s life have become reality. And I promise and swear to uphold whatever directives I’m given by my sister and NE. Little C’s godfather is going to be my and Lili’s father, which is actually what allows me to be her godmother, in order to fulfill the Catholic requirements to be a baptism witness. (While I consider myself Catholic, I don’t go to church regularly enough to be a registered (aka paid) member of a church. Then again, I could go to church every day and still not afford to make a monetary offering…)

I’ve said before that my parents raised Lili and I well, and that we’re both more than capable of doing just about anything. So I have a feeling that Little C  might end up even better. And I can’t wait to see it. She is definitely going to be more amazing than my sister and I, given all the amazing people already in her life. Watch for it folks. Seriously.

As a side note, I’ve still been trying to figure out how to explain my sister, as I said here. Like I did for my parents. But I keep determining there’s too much for me to try to write up. I had decided that eventually I’d come up with a way to do it, but honestly she’s too dear to me to put into one post, and there are too many moments to talk about, and it seems that my tribute to my sister is going to be a series of on-going blog posts, as exhibited here. (Hope that is ok, Lili! Thank you so, so much. Oh, and tell NE that yes, I did cry while writing this. Oooh! Big surprise! Give my Little C a million kisses from me, please! And tell her I love her more than anything on the planet!)



3 responses

15 07 2009
Burgh Baby

Congratulations! You will be the bestest godmother ever!

15 07 2009

Thank you!!! I’m so happy, excited, imagine other words here… It’s great. Really.

16 07 2009
Uncle Crappy

OK. If you get any more Little C-related titles, I’m going to have a tough time coming up with an appropriate nickname. As it is, GMAAA is pretty much out of the question.

Congratulations, AAA — you deserve it.

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