17 07 2009

For those of you confused, I did spell it right. See more info on it here.

This post totally got away from me the second I put in the picture. Crap. Please be patient with me.

Anyway, my parents are on a tour of sorts of Canada. If you only knew how often we visited Canada when I was a kid, you’d understand that this is totally normal and not a “big vacation.”

However, they are doing something a bit different. They left Florida last Sunday. By Monday night they were in Northeast PA, staying overnight. They then drove to Quebec City. They plan to then go to Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto. Then come to da ‘Burgh to see me. Talk about a sad end to a vacation…

I am not sure of the real reason they went to Quebec City, but they did. I’ve been there, and it’s fantabulously gorgeous, so I hope they enjoyed it.

They are in the land of Poutine right now, and yet that isn’t what I am jealous of…

My mom called on Wednesday to tell me she tried to type an email on a hotel PC and all of a sudden the text turned to French. I have no idea why, who knows, but she gave up. Poor mom doesn’t know how to read/speak French, and I’m sure the random switch was a shock… Still, no idea how that happened…

She called to tell me she saw kids from Stanstead in Old Quebec. Who would have thought my parents would randomly choose to go to Quebec City in mid-July and see them? Well, me, now that I’ve thought about it… (that’s your Coinkydink btw) But really, that is really kind of cool. To me and my mom, anyways…

And then she told me she and my dad were going to St. Hubert Bar-B-Q. Oooh, and this is where my jealousy begins. Hard core.


For dinner. For the classic “Hot Chicken Sandwich.” For those of you not in-the-know, a “Hot Chicken Sandwich” is a piece of white bread with pieces of freshly cooked, hot chicken spread across it, topped with another piece of white bread. Top the “sandwich” with green peas. Yes, peas on TOP of the sandwich. Add some fries on the side, for good measure, then you pour gravy over the whole thing.

The St. Hubert version is okay. Not great.  But if you want the real thing, you go to Rôtisserie Laurier BBQ in Outremont, Montreal. That’s the REAL Hot Chicken Sandwich, folks. We have talked to people that work there and I think I heard a story about a family member talking to an owner or someone high-up, about how they cook the chicken etc, yet we still have no idea how they make the chicken taste so freaking spectacular… No one in my family has EVER tasted chicken like they serve at Laurier… Don’t believe me? See here and here. That’s the best reviews I found. And believe me, I tried to find a website, more detailed reviews, photos and such.(Yes, I’m calling mom tomorrow to ask her to take pics of the sandwich and restaurant.)

However, there’s something even better at Rôtisserie Laurier BBQ. If you can get past the sandwich, and if I can get past the that and 1/2 chicken meal my dad always orders that I’m seeing in my mind…

It’s called “Sugar Pie.” Served by the slice for dessert. I can’t believe I couldn’t find a review of it online. I can’t even begin to tell you how freaking wonderful it is… The best comparison I can give you is Pecan Pie, minus the pecans, yet the texture of the pie is different.

Let’s put it this way – for at least one birthday in my early/mid teens? My parents bought me an ENTIRE Sugar Pie to use/eat as my birthday cake. And I ate it, sliver by sliver, tiny pieces. To make it last longer.

If I really, really had cash to spend? I’d spend every birthday I’ve had for the past 5 years, and the next every-single-year-birthday eating dinner there, Hot Chicken Sandwich, with a Sugar Pie in its entirety. No, I am not kidding. Even in the slightest. I asked my mom to find out if they will ship me a Sugar Pie. And, not kidding, a hot chicken sandwich. I know they won’t, but what’s the harm in asking, right?

I have wasted many hours in years past for pics, reviews, recipes etc. for both the Laurier chicken and the Sugar Pie, and failed like someone who never looked at a computer. Seriously.

Ok, so who’s going to send me to Montreal for my non-existent birthday coming up soon? Anyone? No? Well, we all better hope Laurier will ship me all my food loves.



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17 07 2009

What you need is a spy that works there and can get the information you desire…

17 07 2009
Uncle Crappy

Wait. Birthday?

18 07 2009

PghRugbyRef: good idea. But we apparently “knew” people back in the day. I just need a better kitchen to try out all the recipes i have.

UnlceCrappy: I do not have a birthday. I used to. A long, long time ago. But not anymore. Sorry.

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