Guess what it is…

18 07 2009

I have a new project. Something that is sort of secret. If you read my blog regularly, you might be able to tell me what it’s going to be… So leave the answers in the comments. I will NOT promise anything, but a comment may lead to entries in a raffle for Brewfest tickets later on this year…Maybe… So go ahead and try to figure it out.





Ok, boys and girls, figure it out…

In other news, I actually BOUGHT a piece of clothing for Little C this evening. I know – *shocking*

But I wandered into Marshall’s and it was on clearance, and well, it’s kind of appropriate…


Totally right, since Little C is absolutely my “sweet pea.”

I started a sewing project a few days ago that I have to share here. Normally, yes, these kinds of things would be a secret, but I’m kind of excited about it… And it’s for the Little C. And not sharing all the things I made for the baby shower kind of killed me, so, sorry (no, not really) Lili. I have to share.

My Little C is getting a fabric alphabet for Christmas! I found the inspiration here. And three letters are done!

C front

L front

L back

I front

I back

I did the “I” first. And did a direct quilt line down the center. But for the “C” and “L” I decided to use a random, diagonal pattern. I love them!!! And I’m sure Little C will too! yay!




6 responses

18 07 2009
Brother Anthony

Stuffed toy blocks with bells/rattles inside.

18 07 2009

Brother Anthony – nope! The thing I’m making is not baby-related. But it’s something I’ve made before.

19 07 2009

Oooo! Oooo! Pick me!! I know what it is … but I won’t ruin the surprise. šŸ˜‰

19 07 2009

I can guess what you’re making, do you really want the answer here? Think the king’s fool.

20 07 2009

i like the alphabet! are they going to be separate or on a backing? and i know what you’re making with the bells

20 07 2009

Lili: Thank you for knowing what I’m making with the bells. We (me & the person I’m making it for) are disappointed none of the locals have it figured out yet…

I’m so excited about the alphabet. Aren’t they cute? They are going to be separate. That’s why there’s that chenille on the back. Numbers too!! So Little C can learn her letters and number and maybe eventually learn spell her name etc. I am only making one of each letter & number for now. I can make additional ones as needed to spell for example, your name, NE’s name, or her first and last name. šŸ™‚

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