20 07 2009

I finally spoke to my mom tonight. First time in 5 days or so. My mom confirmed that they ate at the restaurants I mentioned here. And when I asked if they ate at Rôtisserie Laurier BBQ, my mom said Yes! It was just as we all remembered. Delicious. I nearly cried. And then she went on to tell me that she and my dad shared a piece of Sugar Pie for dessert. I’m sure that by telling me not only was it JUST like we remembered, but by telling me THEY SHARED A PIECE OF THE PIE I WOULD KILL SOMEONE FOR, my mom hates me and is trying to make me miserable. Would anyone like to bankroll a trip to Montreal for a meal at Rôtisserie Laurier BBQ for me? No? Great, I remain miserable….

Bonus point to my mom for telling me they did actually stop at the Oka Abbey and hopefully purchased loads of Caramel Butter for me to devour like a crazy lady. Caramel Butter? Think that caramel apple dip on crack and then some… It’s the almost as delicious as Sugar Pie… I didn’t ask how much they bought for me, I’m considering it an early birthday surprise when they get to the ‘Burgh next week.

I just realized I forgot to ask my mom to get me Madelines from the shop across the street from Rôtisserie Laurier BBQ.  Crap. I’m a failure.

The saving grace of the phone call was the discussion of what to get My Little C for her baptism. Pretty much immediately after I posted this post, I started to wonder what to buy or make (obviously) for My Little C . After thinking on it for a while, I decided I wouldn’t make something. I wanted something that would eventually help explain to Little C that I love her to death, think about her just about every second of every day, and will always be here for her, no matter what.  And, I’ve found it!! And my mom thinks it’s great!! But I can’t post it here right now because it’s going to be a surprise for Little C, Lili and NE.  So I’m moving forward with it. Yay!

I’d still kill someone for a slice of Rôtisserie Laurier BBQ Sugar Pie. I’m not kidding. Dang.



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21 07 2009
Uncle Crappy

Anytime my parents travel, they have to tell me at length what they had to eat along the way. I’m not sure what I ever did to them to deserve such torture, but they seem to enjoy my envy.

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