21 07 2009

So last night I was treated to some new pictures of Little C. There were just a handful of them. And they were awesome…

Pics of her on her boppy with D’s head planted just next to hers. Pics of her smiling. And pics of her first trip to the pool….

And pictures of super-chubby cheeks and oh-my-goodness chubby thighs!!!

And the result of said pictures is that if that baby gets a smidge cuter before September, my head (and probably my heart,) will EXPLODE.

I am convinced that the rest of my family are trying to kill me with adorable pictures of Little C.*

This is not nice. At all. It’s downright mean, I tell you. It’s abuse via photographs. “Hey! Look what we can see in person and you can’t!” *

I can’t handle it. She’s so aware in the pictures now… And apparently she’s talking. Well, in gibberish/baby talk. People, I’d sell you a body part to see Little C speak baby talk in person. NO, I am not kidding.

And you better bet the next time I’m there, C and I are going swimming…

The paragraphs marked with a * are totally in jest. I know my family is trying to bring Little C to me through photos, since I am so far away… And they know I love her more than life itself…

The paragraphs about my head exploding, are not in jest. They are entirely, 100%, totally true. It might happen… wow.




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