It’s acceptable, I guess…

23 07 2009

Welcome to my comedy of errors dress story…

A week or two ago, I decided to make a new dress. I have a wedding to go to tomorrow, and I wanted something new… I bough the fabric, cut out the pattern pieces and started sewing. Part way through the top, I decided I hated it.

So I bought a new pattern. A Cynthia Rowley pattern. Which considering the other dress I made recently, I figured it would be simple… I thought I could use the pieces for the other dress and leftover fabric for the pattern pieces. I was wrong. I had to buy more fabric. Twice.


it's the red one, btw

The dress has a nice little contrast fabric band around the middle… Which means you eventually have to sew through around 8 layers of fabric. Not fun. And then, once I had the top attached to that band? I realized I somehow attached the front of the top to the wrong side of the back… meaning the wrong side of the dress faced out. Crap.

I had already done 75% of the work, so I figured I’d make do. I finished the skirt, attached it, added the zipper and then I discovered this… (excuse the color variations in the pics. My camera and I had a fight.)


The left side of the back of the dress is 1/4" - 1/2" longer than the right side...

How the hell did I not notice this?

the middle band matches up... how does the top not match up!?!?!?!

The middle band matches up… how does the top not match up!?!?!?! Crap. So I had to rip out part of the zipper, rip out the entire top seam, and part of the arm strap seam, fix the error and reattach all the pieces…



Ok. So we’re good right? Yeah, not so much. The dress fit. Sort of. Needed taken in. Rather than mess with the side seams, I decided to take the dress in through the back seam. Which meant removing the whole zipper… No big deal!

And this happened:zipper rip

zipper rip2

Great… Now I need a new zipper. I sent a tweet about that and then set off for Joann’s. I got about 4 blocks away and said, “Screw that! I’ll fix it with some extra fabric!” And guess what? I did. (Minor victory 1 in this tragic comedy.)

So the dress is done. Bottom hem sewn. I try it on and I see this in the mirror:


Yeah, way too much cleavage for me to be comfortable… Crap. It actually looked worse than it does in the picture. Something was wrong with the whole top, it was way too loose… Can I fix this? Well, I’ve been through everything else with this dress….

new dress

…so heck yeah I can. I few little stitches and here we are. I’m not entirely happy with it, but it’ll do…

I think I’ll take a vacation from dresses for a while and go back to baby things that are easy to sew and can be squared off and finished up quite easily. And don’t involve zippers. Or many, many layers or fabric.




3 responses

24 07 2009

you can borrow my boob band if you want to for modesty. it’s the white tube top i wear around my boobs since all maternity/nursing shirts are so damn slutty. it just ends up looking like you have a cami on under everything

24 07 2009

add a big ole necklace and put on your dancing shoes!!

28 07 2009
Angry Scottish Man

It turned out lovely by the way and I think many people would have enjoyed the Cleavage. I due to my mariage that day, of course did not even notice

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