Scottish Wedding. FTW.

25 07 2009

A few weeks ago, the Angry Scottish Man, a rugby buddy, invited me to his wedding celebration this past Friday. A few other ruggers would be in attendance, and I was welcome to bring a guest.

After mulling the idea over for a while, I decided to bring Field Mouse. He is a fun guy, the field mouse incident aside, and I knew he wouldn’t be someone I’d have to worry about. It might be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After arriving at the wedding a bit late (it started at 4pm, but CPG and I both had to work most of the day) we found out that the “dancing” was about to begin.

Now, what everyone thinks here is the regular old wedding dances. Um, no. We would be watching the wedding party (all four men in traditional Scottish kilts) do a Scottish country dance, and then we would be participating and learning the dance.

orig scottish dance 2

Angry Scottish Man and Wife!

(look at those kilts!!! My heart melted!)

These dances were sort of like square dancing, but oh so much fun. We continued to learn new dances and dance the ones we learned again over & over. We danced so much that none of us drank very much – amazing for a wedding, I know. You can’t quite carry your drink and do these dances… And each and every rugby person there voluntarily put down their drinks whenever a new dance was announced! It really was so much fun! A couple of us plan to go to the Scottish Country Dancing Society’s classes that they hold!

I plan to have a discussion with my mother as to why I never, ever learned of these dances before this wedding…

field mouse and i

Field Mouse and I mid-dance... (excuse the red-eye....)

I think you can tell, I really did have a blast. I would probably not have danced had it not been for Field Mouse. Seriously. I’m a wall flower. Turns out, Field Mouse & I are good dance partners. As long as it doesn’t involve any kind of two person waltzy type thing. We’re not so great at that…

The wife of the Wife of the Scottish Man is quite crafty, as are her friends. The invitations and decorations were all handmade! I mentioned to Angry Scottish Man that I really loved the origami mobiles that were hanging downstairs and he offered me one! Sweet!!!! (thank you ASM, btw.) All of the origami swans were handmade by one of the bridesmaids. WOW!

While I love it, I have no place to put it and I kind of think it’s perfect for my Little C. So I’ll be sending it back with my parents after their visit next week! I hope my sister and Little C love it as much as I do!

oragimi mobile

origami closeup1

Awesome, right?

Field Mouse has been informed that he is my potential date for any weddings that come up in the future. And I might steal him for any other events that make me think I’ll be a wall-flower, too!

So thank you, Field Mouse, fellow ruggers, and especially the Angry Scottish Man and Wife for such a great evening!!




2 responses

26 07 2009
Angry Scottish Man

Glad you could make it. And very glad you had lots of fun.

26 07 2009
Angry Scottish Wife

What a great post. Thank you so much for attending and blogging about it as well! What a great night we had. I think we might be attending the dancing as well. Maybe see you there!

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