Things from Florida, and Canada…

28 07 2009

My parents are in town… And with them they brought presents. Mostly old presents.

  • Like the pair of brown sandals my mom picked up from me at JC Penney over a year ago.
  • And the black sandals she bought for me last Christmas.

Both of which I left at my parents house last Christmas. (both of which will come in handy since I can’t wear flip flops at work anymore…)

They brought a few Christmas gifts – a set of Tervis Tumblers, and snowmen decorations that my mom buys my sister and I every year – that I had left.

They brought two shirts that I had forgotten I even left there. Including a Columbia shirt.  I love Columbia clothing, especially in the summer. How I forgot about this shirt, I have no idea.

They brought a shopping bag full of paperback books. Mass market paperbacks that I’ll read every once in a while. One book per sitting. So, it will last me a month or two.

I also got a sweet new pair of Merrell sandals. (Guaranteed my parents did NOT pay what Zappos is asking!) They are super comfy!

They also brought two cans of pure Canadian Maple Syrup. Yay!

And they brought me one of the most delicious things ever made. Okaramel. aka Caramel Butter or Velvet Caramel. Made by the monks at the Abbey of Notre-Dame du Lac at Oka. I don’t really know what you’re supposed to use it for – I always put it on toast. But I’m sure there are a thousand uses for it.



I’ll probably look into the other options at some point. But now I’m going to bask in the delicious glory that is three, that’s right, THREE 900g jars of Okaramal. That’s nearly 6 pounds of Okaramel. The last jar I had was maybe 1/4 of this. And I finished it three years ago at best.

If my apartment looses power, you bet your butt that I’m going through hell & highwater to save these jars. I will try very hard to NOT eat all three jars in one sitting with multiple loaves of bread.

I also got a new silver Inukshuk.


What’s an Inukshuk? It is commonly a stone figure, used to “point you in the right direction.” It’s an Inuit cultural symbol. See more here

This is not my first Inukshuk. My parents bought me one on their last trip through Canada, similar to this one, though made of polished stone, quite a few years ago. So technically, I now own Inuksuit.


I’m cool with this. Because who doesn’t need someone or something to point them in the right direction once in a while? I have Little C now, but really, I’ll take all the help I can get.

I was also loaned a stack of pictures of Little C for me to scan into my laptop. Including the picture from the very second I first held Little C. And some other cute ones I haven’t seen yet!




3 responses

29 07 2009


29 07 2009

Apparently there are some Maltesers hiding in a cooler that they forgot to bring with them last night.

30 07 2009

I would use the Okaramel on fruit! or maybe stir it into some plain yogurt…mmmmm. or on oatmeal!

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