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30 07 2009

On Friday I have a Yinz Team softball game. As always lately on Fridays. Although I missed last week’s game…

My parents are in town. And I intend to spend every second I can with them…Seeing them here in the ‘Burgh has really reinforced to me that I miss them like a crazy person and really wish they were here at least a few months of the year. Seriously.

So to combine both, I’ve invited my parents, who will now be known as The Nana and The GrandPa (since they rock at being grandparents,) to come watch the game. To my shock, they agreed. (so far)

I love Yinz Team softball. My previous experience with any type of bat & ball sport was when I was 5 or 6. Trying to play t-ball. The GrandPa was a coach. And I sucked. Big time. Hello ADD. I was put in the outfield and I’m pretty sure I inspected every piece of the sky and every blade of grass near me. Never even noticing if a ball came near me.

I did the same when we tried soccer too. Unfortunately, rugby is the only sport that made me pay attention. Maybe it’s the fact that there’s no padding and you can get your world rocked at any second, I don’t know, but still, I’m loving this softball thing. And The Nana won’t watch rugby voluntarily…

Softball here we come…

Since I’ve entered this online world and shared my with my parents that I have new friends, they’ve always asked how all of you are doing. Seriously. I’m not kidding! Even two months after I started this blog and went to Florida for Christmas. My mom always asks. Always. Heck, they drove me around to contribute to BurghBaby’s Christmas Crazy post!

They don’t really like that I blog. The Nana doesn’t want her stuff out there on the interwebz, and I appreciate that, and as such, the rest of you should as well. Which is why, unless you are someone I consider close, you’ll never see a pic of my parents, Lili, NE or Little C. Certainly not on this blog. And I try not to tell too many details…

But, I kid you not when I say that The Nana actually does know some of your real names – not your Twitter or Blog names, even! She pays attention, that one!

So this Friday, The Nana, The GrandPa and I will be attending Yinz Team Softball. This is your warning to behave yourselves! And to come out in droves…

If you have children, young children – please bring them. I have The Nana going through some serious Little C withdrawal and I’m pretty sure seeing any kiddo will make her day. (And make The GrandPa’s life so much easier…)

Or, if I know you well and you’d like to see The Nana’s little photo album she carts around, please ask her. She’d be happy to show you and gush over the pics. Truth be told, she won’t cry when showing you the pics. I guarantee you I would cry showing you any picture. I usually do when I post them anywhere. Not lying.

Plus, if you’d like to get a good word in for Little C in the future, The Nana is where to start. I’m not even kidding. Teaspoon, Ruslan, Wyatt and TehJack? I’m just looking out for you, boys…. lol. (Never mind that Little C is NEVER, ever allowed to talk to, look at or consider dating a boy!! After BurghBaby’s recent issue, Little C can’t talk to boys. EVER.)

I can’t wait until Friday. I love The Nana and The GrandPa. And if I could steal them from Florida and make them stay here with me, even for two months a year, I would. In one, hot second.

That is all. See you Friday night!




5 responses

30 07 2009

OK guys everyone be on their best behavior tomorrow night 🙂

30 07 2009
Uncle Crappy

Given that my MIL (otherwise known as the Coolest Mother In Law Ever) may be there as well, we might want to consider starting a day care for anyone who is hanging out at that bar in the strip mall…

30 07 2009

have fun with them! and no one sucks at T-ball….. you can’t suck at sports when you’re 5!

30 07 2009

Yeah, I don’t know about that. Ask them about t-ball sometime. The GrandPa was sort of shocked when I told him I’ve been batting quite well in softball. lol.

Tell Little C that she only has to wait 44 days to see me again!! Yay! I’m sure she will be very excited…

30 07 2009

So excited to meet your parents. See you tomorrow!!

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