Knee Doc…

30 07 2009

Today was the big day. A return to the doc I saw for my MCL tear/sprain a few years ago. (Actually in 2003, a long time ago!)

Seems fitting that my parents met me there today, considering they went with me on the first trip. They had to. I could hardly walk, and they still lived here. So they met me, just to meet me and see me. And sat in the waiting room.

Have I mentioned that I hate not having my parents here? Yes? Well, it’s a recurring theme, so get used to it.

Anyhow, remember how I was complaining about my knee more often to the point that I had such pain that I made the appointment? Yeah, the dang thing hasn’t hurt but a tiny bit since then. Seriously. The day I made the appointment, I was in terrible pain. Even just sitting and doing nothing – forget walking or moving.

And now? NOTHING. Doc poked, prodded, twisted, pushed, pulled – everything he could do. And got one tiny pain response from me. From an area where I’ve never really had pain. (Well below my knee, 3 inches or so, on the interior of my right leg… huh?)

WTH???? I’d like a little consistency here, stupid knee pain. This isn’t all fun & games, yo.

So, the Doc is stumped, as am I. He’s leaning towards meniscus tear, which is pretty much what I diagnosed myself with. Xrays showed nothing (I could’ve told them that).

So now I have an MRI on Monday. Then another appointment with the same Doc a week or so later. And then we’ll see if there is something wrong or if my knee is just trying to make me think I truly am crazy.

Other news…. Spending the whole day Saturday with The Nana & The GrandPa. I. Can’t. Wait.

Someone at work today said they’ve never seen such a big smile on my face nor me so happy. Guaranteed it’s due to my parents being here and the fact that I booked my next three Florida trips…

So glad I didn’t campaign for Little C to be a Bucco fan… As of now, with the Pirates trading away everyone, she will never be allowed to be a Pirates fan. I’m so glad NE is a Red Sox fan right now. Geez. Thankfully, we still have football and hockey seasons that are competitive between the two teams we all like to help Little C figure out how to be a super sports fan!!

And… Only 42 more days till I get to see my Little C again. *Swoon* 42 days. I can wait that long. I hope. I miss her so much. (I also miss Lili and NE – don’t be fooled. I want all of my family within a few hours drive max…) I know the second I see her & hold her again, all will be right in the world again for another month or so… *sigh*



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