I should be sewing…

31 07 2009

But I’m not. But I’m working on something that I’ll be sewing later on. Or tomorrow morning…

Gotta get a few things ready to give my parents tomorrow to take back to Lili & Little C:

  1. A Steeler bib for Lili’s friend (done)
  2. A Virginia Tech bib for another of Lili’s friends (kinda partially done)
  3. A jumper thing for Little C (done)
  4. A bib & mini burp cloth for Little C (done)
  5. A plastic-backed bib for the drooling Little C (not done)
  6. The “sweet pea” tshirt I bought for Little C

Yeah, lots to do by early tomorrow. May fail, no big deal. I see Little C in 43 days.

The Nana and The GrandPa really had a nice time at Yinz Team softball tonight. So thanks, y’all. The Nana especially liked TehJack, I think. He told her all kinds of stories and, of course, gave me that award winning smile multiple times. how could you not dig TehJack? Unpossible.

I’m excited to spend the day with The Nana and The GrandPa tomorrow. We’re going sewing machine shopping. May not get one, but we’re going to go see what’s out there.

I’m trying to force myself to ignore the fact that they leave for Florida on Sunday. It makes me very sad.




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