31 08 2009

(If you missed my original “Pissed Off” post earlier today, sorry.)

The post that has me pissed off has been updated with a rather unclassy link to my actual post, in ALL CAPS at the end of the post.

However I just noticed that this individual hasn’t even copied my post in its entirety. It seems they’ve removed some things…

Over there on the right side of my site, there is a little blurb that is under the header “MINE.” This blog is covered by the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommerical-No Derivitave Works 3.0 Unported license.

What does this mean? It means you can share whatever I write here. BUT you have to attribute the work to me, you cannot use it for commercial purposes AND you cannot alter, transform or build upon this work. These things can be waived if you have my permission. Which means you contact me and ask.

This individual did not contact me. They didn’t post my comment requesting that they attribute my work. They did not write to apologize for their mistake. Instead they added a link to my site and to the site where they originally found the info, at the bottom of their post. (Side note: the site where this individual found the post does attribute the work to me and posted the entire thing.)

After I posted the “Three Rivers” stuff, it appeared on a number of forums for the actors and the show. I was a little freaked out, since this is my little corner of the world, but it didn’t seem too bad. But when I found the post last night, the fact that it wasn’t linked to me pissed me off. And now realizing they’ve changed it? I’m irate.

So my friends, seeing as how I’m not in the best mood today and may be blowing this out of proportion, here’s my question. Do I ask this individual to take their post down given all of this? I’m leaning towards yes.

What do you think? Clickity click below.

Fantasty Football – Team AnnoyedAngel

31 08 2009

Our draft took approximately 35 minutes. 14 teams. 35 minutes. Amazing.

Here is what I ended up with.

  • QB: Donovan McNabb

QB - mcnabb

  • WR – Larry Fitzgerald

WR - fitzgerald

  • WR – Bernard Barrian

wr - berrian

  • WR – Kevin Walter

wr - walter

  • RB – Thomas Jones

rb - jones

  • RB – Kevin Smith

rb - smith

  • TE – Tony Gonzales

TE - gonzales

  • K – Kris Brown

k - brown

  • Team Defense – Tennessee Titans

d titans

And my bench players:

  • QB – Chad Pennington – MIA
  • TE – Dustin Keller – NYJ
  • RB – Sammy Morris – NE
  • WR – Justin Gage – TEN
  • K – Rian Lindell – BUF
  • Team D – New England

Am I okay with my team? Yes, right now. I am going to ask for the my super duper brother-in-law NE to help me with the Pats choices. Please send good vibes to my players! He’s gotta love me forever for picking his team’s D right now, right? (Well, taking into account we agreed Little C could like either or both teams, I’m kind of happy my team ended up this way… ) And considering they live in the southern Florida area, I’m asking Lili & NE for their help with my random Dolphin choices….

I have no idea what I’ve done or what I’m doing going forward. CPG said something today about “waivers.” What? Wait. I have to pay attention to this each week? I can’t even update the rugby website each week regularly, and I KNOW I have to do that…. crap.

Fantasy Football

30 08 2009

For some reason unknown to me, I decided to enter a Fantasy Football league with some of my online friends this year. I’ve never done this before. I don’t even pay attention to football that much, besides the Steelers.

So my draft is tomorrow night at 10pm. I have no idea what I’m going to do. Or how to do it. I guess I’m going to figure it out as I go…

Should be interesting.

In other news, 13 days until I see Little C and my family. Yay!

Two weeks.

29 08 2009

Little C. Two weeks. This makes me happy. Ridiculously happy, rather.

Rugby. Today. I have good motivation right now, so this makes me happy, even if it makes me sad.

Pizza. Donato’s Pizza. Beer! Tweetup. Later today. This makes me happy.

Fun. Last night. Good times with good people. This makes me happy.

I think we’re starting today off on the right foot.

Sad Panda…

28 08 2009


Remember a week ago? I wrote this:

Screenshot - 8_28_2009 , 12_28_07 AM

And a couple of days ago I wrote this:

Screenshot - 8_27_2009 , 12_14_20 AM

Yeah, seems it’s worse than I thought and making things very difficult on a lot of people. People I care about and myself. And it’s going to change things. More than I thought.

I hate disrespectful people. And people who ignore a governing body that THEY voted into office. It makes me sick.

I don’t like this. At all.

I’m not going to go into the who, what, where and why right now.

But what I will do is rescind what I wrote in this post about the men’s team. Really.

If you found this via Dick’s link to the Three Rivers post, I suggest you comment. Because you’re about to have to figure out Brewfest & Coopers Lake all on your own. Just a warning.

And to be honest, that actually makes me so sad. More upset than I am to be living away from My Little C right now. Honestly. It’s terrible.

I’ve been working so hard on Brewfest for the past month or two. So this is even more painful than it could be…

I’m so sad, but I’ll be okay – because, since I’m single, my simple joys come from my Little C…

I can’t find my graphics, so deal with this…


…the number of days till I see Little C.

Thank god,  and my sister and NE. (I love you guys!!!!)

I’m going to remember how right the world will be when I hold Little C…  Yes, at that point, it will make all things right in my world, no matter what.

Random and candy!

26 08 2009
  • First things first. My Yahoo Mail started giving me a wacko new home page with “Connections” and news and all kinds of crap. I suspect it’s because I accepted a “connection” from ASM last night… I clicked on “Connections” and I see this:

“Connections are people from your Contacts with whom you enjoy special benefits.”

I’m sorry. What? Doesn’t that just sound kinda wrong? I don’t really have friends with special benefits. In that way or in any other way. Especially not ASM! And I feel like I need a shower for just reading that line on the site! Lol.

  • My good friend ASM stopped by my work yesterday to give me a birthday gift that he’s been carting around to rugby practice. I haven’t been there when he has, so this was the best way…

The gift included these things:

Screenshot - 8_26_2009 , 11_18_32 PM

Cadbury Fudge, Bassett’s Jelly Babies (minis), Cadbury Chomp, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Cadbury Twirl, Aero, Smarties (minis!), Cadbury CurlyWurly & Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel.

And, of course, my second most beloved chocolate in the whole world (behind Maltesers), Cadbury Crunchie.


Having all these in my immediate grasp has been a major test of my willpower. The fact that most of it is still sitting in the fridge is amazing. While I have Crunchies, Aeros, Dairy Milk & Smarties occasionally via family trips to Canada or the random “British Shop” here or in Florida, the rest of them I haven’t had in eons. I mean, we’re talking 10-15 or more years.  I’m in my own special level of heaven right now.

  • But then I see that ASM has a new post up… oh, boy! I think! I thoroughly enjoy his posts as they are very entertaining and he’s become such a good friend.

And what do I see?  I see this:

Screenshot - 8_26_2009 , 11_33_37 PM

Now, as ASM is my friend, I am happy for him. However, I am sad for the rugby club, as we will be losing a very intelligent player and man. But I wish ASM and his wonderful wife good luck and much success in Arizona. I hope that he continues to blog, as I enjoy reading his trials & tribulations at his job. lol.

I’m also hoping that we can give him a proper send off, so ASM, let me know your date of departure and I’d be happy to get some folks together to say farewell.

Progress – 2nd Edition

26 08 2009

I like progress. Progress is good. Especially when the last few days have been overloaded with minor failures and problems.

So here’s some proof of progress. We’re almost done, UncleCrappy!


Top of the hat attached to the body. Finally!

Lining's all done!

Lining's all done!

    Bells hanging from the hat!


So, what’s next? I have to make a scarlet & gray brim for the outside of the hat and then put it all together. Also, I have to fix some issues with the top seam, but it’s no big deal. It will be all done very, very soon.




...the number of days till I see Little C.

In other news, I hope all you ruggers (somewhere around 16-18 of ya) who got this link today from Dick’s enjoyed reading and NOT commenting. Boo. 🙂 Come back anytime. The season’s just started. I’ll be annoyed about something real soon…