Quick like a bunny…

2 08 2009


Go. Look. Do it NOW. NOW I TELL YOU!! Because it might be gone in a hot second. Go read. Rejoice. Enjoy. Laugh your pants off. I’m Team Pants Party. We’re all about pants on or off. Do. It. Not. New readers and ruggers, I’m looking at YOU. Do it. now. Please do not make the nice & uber happy me angry. You know that is bad.


Btw. I have Maltesers. I’m not sharing. Sorry.




2 responses

3 08 2009

Not sharing …………

3 08 2009

They only brought me two tiny bags. There isn’t even enough to share! I’m not even opening them for a while. I think. I don’t know. Very hard to ignore when I see them EVERY time I open the fridge.

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