2 08 2009

…with The Nana and The GrandPa

The Nana & The GrandPa offered to buy me a new sewing machine for my birthday. A better one, as I’m about to kill the one I have now. As they were in town last weekend, we set out  to find such a machine.(I know, you’re asking why I would subject The GrandPa to endure this, but he’s a big supporter of my sewing, and we discussed my softball game,so he was all good!)

We found one. It is part birthday gift and probably my entire Christmas gift & maybe next birthday gift, and although we got a really great discount,  it was much more than I wanted to have my parents or myself or anyone pay for a machine, but really, it lives up to it’s promises thus far…

Behold the gorgeous new beauty that sits on my sewing table:


Isn’t she beautiful? And the panel on top? Reveals this:


That, people is all of the stitches I can choose from. 167 built in stitches. And I can design my OWN stitches… The max is 215 stitch functions. It stitches letters. Letters, people. Letters…. They are great!

Oh! And it’s so quiet. So quiet that my other machine may have sounded like a freight train when I used it. Wow. Quiet.

Me and soon-to-be-named sewing machine and I started work tonight. What did we make? Well, we started on the project that NONE of you who aren’t super, duper close to me can figure out… Come on people…


And then me and my new toy started to sew:


First patch of the patchwork? Made…. We’ll continue from here. Until we put bells on it. Got it yet??

I’m guessing no, unless you’re named Buckeye here on this site… Hello? Buckeye? Have you been reading here? No? You’re in trouble….

In other news, we (The Nana) bought the Little C this yesterday. What looks like white detail is actually white with small red dots. So are the bloomers underneath. Wow. So. Cute. However our Little C will maybe be able to wear this once. Sad. She should stop getting bigger. Yes. Indeed.


Thankfully The Nana and I found this on clearance… Because otherwise? No chance of buying it. We found it at Janie and Jack. Super, duper expensive. But holy crap how cute their stuff is.It’s deadly.

And Lili? The Nana found out that there is not only Janie & Jack stores near YOU, but also near The Nana’s favorite mall in Tampa. I apologize now for flying into Tampa for Thanksgiving… I’m sorry.




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2 08 2009
Uncle Crappy


3 08 2009

holy poop it does letters? that truly is a wondrous thing. i imagine you feel much like i did when someone gave me a pound of lime green wool yarn one time. only perhaps more excited…

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