Surprise ‘burghers…

2 08 2009

And PSU fans… I’m an Ohio State fan! Surprise!

I’m going to guess most of you never noticed my sleeveless shirt at practice in the summer… For the past SEVEN years… It took Buckeye an entire practice to notice the BRIGHT red shirt with Ohio State Football embroidered on it. Hah!

Same guy that got me to play rugby started my OSU football love affair.  And I thank him… Every football season.

And because of my little online adventures, and rugby, I’ve made two new OSU fans. Buckeye and Uncle Crappy.(Uncle Crappy already knew about my cut-off red t-shirt. Goes back to the last bowl game where I totally jinxed OSU and left where I was while watching the game…)

And then tonight, Uncle Crappy, for whom I am working on a kinda-super secret OSU thingy, in return for a nice OSU football shirt, posted this:

Who’s excited for college football season? Yeah, that would be me also.

Once I get this secret OSU thing done, I might have to expand my experimental craftiness. Yes, indeed.




One response

2 08 2009
Uncle Crappy

I occasionally get odd feelings about how a game or an entire season is going to go. Even though the last two years have been successful by nearly any measure, I never really felt like Ohio State was where I wanted them to be.

This year? I don’t know why, but it feels completely different. I think we’re gonna have some fun starting in September…

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