Out of sorts…

3 08 2009
  • I’m going camping this weekend. The rest of the group will be rafting on Saturday. I will not. Ohiopyle tried to kill me the last time I went rafting there. And given that I now have the cutest thing in the world as my focus in life, I’d rather not see her face as I try to save myself from drowning. Not cool, yo.
  • I really hope it doesn’t rain this weekend because all I want is to lay in the middle of some trees and look at the stars. I have to see Orion’s Belt on Friday. And I want to have a blast. Some of you know why and how that might happen. Let’s hope it works out, shall we?
  • My brain is on the fritz due to certain things going on in my life that I can’t or won’t discuss here. I’ll try to remain calm, cool & collected as much as I can. Good luck to me! If I fail at it? I’ll probably have a whole post dedicated to it.
  • I got a video today from Lili that features Little C. Apparently Little C and the living room ceiling fan are friends. They talk. Have in-depth discussions and the like. Seriously. Picture a nearly 3-month old staring at the ceiling and talking to the ceiling fan. Hilarious. At least she’s friendly with her surroundings, right?
  • I see my Little C in 38 days. For her baptism. Two days or so, but that’s good enough to get my Little C fix till Thanksgiving. There will definitely be pics of me and Little C on the floor staring at her friend the ceiling fan. Absolutely.
  • My baptism gifts for Little C arrived today. Wahoo for eBay!! 5 stars to the three people I bought from. Purchased Friday AM, everything arrived Monday. Nice. And it saved me oh, like $40 or so. Sweet.
  • As for the gifts? No Lili and NE I won’t show them here until 39-42 days from now. But I have to say that I picked some super awesome things that are going to convey a great message from me to Little C in years to come. Eventually, she’ll get it. I think I have 5 or 6 years till that happens. lol.
  • MRI today for the knee. Follow up appointment isn’t for more than 2 weeks. Fail. Practice starts tomorrow…



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