Motivated? No.

5 08 2009
  • I’m supposed to be packing for a camping weekend. I’m not. I have no desire to. I’m not sure why except that I’ve become super lazy as of late.
  • I did pack a little bit. I know where my tent is. It’s in the midgie. The air matress and most of the clothes I’d need are in my camping pack already. Same with the crappy sleeping bag I have. I still need to find and maybe clean some blankets since the sleeping bag is a big fail. I have no idea where either pair of boots I take camping are. Not even a tiny clue of where I may have thought to store them.
  • I have no idea what food I’m taking. I really don’t. The best I can tell you is CPG and I are going to try to re-create Uncle Crappy’s nifty grill idea that he used at the Bucco Game Tweet Up. My fire gloves will be packed, don’t worry. So at least I can reach in and grab at the grill or the camp fire without worry.
  • I need to get my car inspected. The Midgie. However, a recent series of posts by Angry Scottish Man has me literally terrified to take her in. See, the Angry Scottish Man and I own the same vehicle. Although I’m quite sure he doesn’t call his “Midgie” and might kill me if I referred to his car as the “ASM’s Midgie.” (Only kidding ASM!) I know she needs tires. And new windshield wipers. If you follow me on Twitter, that’s no big surprise. But the rest of it? Terrifying. Also terrifying is actually finally calling and making the appointment. Man, I’m lazy lately.
  • I have decided to reward myself on Friday for the “day” (inside joke? I think. We’ll see if y’all figure it out.) And drink the Southern Tier Mokah that was brought back from NY for me by Uncle & Mrs. Crappy. Probably the second the car is in park. Hey. It’s my “day.” I’ll do with it as I choose. I might share a sip or two with two certain people, but otherwise, it’s a gift to myself, as it is the only beer I like right now. And since I can’t find the darn stuff anywhere… I intend to savor this bottle o’ beer for my “day”. (Who’s proud of me out there? I know, your little ‘I don’t like beer’ girl is growing up!)
  • Otherwise, it’s going to be my standard. Rum & Coke. And maybe American Honey too, if we can find it in the liquor stores around here. Seems to be sold out.
  • Ugh. I’m done. Wacked out random issues this week have me fed up and refusing to deal with anything. I probably won’t post tomorrow night, but stranger things have happened. I hope y’all have a great weekend.
  • Yinz Team Softball has been moved to Sunday this week. I. Am. So. Excited. I was kinda bummed I’d miss it for camping!! Yay!!!
  • Stop back on Sunday and leave a comment on the post for Lili that I’m working on. It’s her birthday on Sunday and she’s fantabulous. And cute as a button.
  • And I’m sorry. I still can’t get this song, or this show, out of my head. Sept. 9th folks. Me and all the other dorks will be watching. (For the love, I’m such a music dork.)

(hate those random boxes that pop up on there, but what can I do…) Enjoy. That’s an order.




3 responses

6 08 2009
Burgh Baby

Go. pack.

6 08 2009

Hey there good luck with your little midgie!! hah.. where did this name come from anyways? My one friend also has the same car but sedan and she calls it stella artois like the beer 🙂 Have fun camping!

6 08 2009

honestly I don’t remember. I think it was because when it first came out it was one of the first really small cars out there. Who knows!!

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