6 08 2009

I could have anything I wanted for my birthday, which was canceled this year by some kind of a higher power, meaning I turn 29 again, (but is technically in 3 minutes or so….)

I’d want to be in Florida and see my sister and hold my Little C. And hear Little C talk to me. It would be the bestest birthday ever.

But I’m not doing that. Instead I’m supposed to go camping. And I don’t really want to. And I’m considering not going. The camping is some kind of pseudo-wacked-out substitute I decided on since I knew I couldn’t see my favorite baby girl. And I know I’ll just think of her the whole time I’m there. (Maybe I’ll start a countdown of hours till I see her in September if I go?)

I know what I hope to do next year on this cancellation date.

P.S. Lili – please give Little C a thousand extra kisses from Aunt Claire tomorrow. Tell her she owes me that many and more next year. Lol. Thanks. 🙂 And check back here Sunday at 8am for your message.

By the way, this is my cancelled-birthday gift to myself. I joined the Dahcheet cult. I was really hoping it’d be here by tomorrow, but I guess it’s coming next week sometime. Boo.


And also? Yay for bunnies as angels and devils! Sweet…

Thank goodness I have Yinz Team Softball on Sunday. Wahoo!!!




6 responses

7 08 2009
Uncle Crappy

Happy, uh, Day, AAA.

7 08 2009

Thank you. And thank you for my celebratory beverage (which will be long gone in 12 hours from now.)

7 08 2009
Burgh Baby

Haaaaappy Birthday!

7 08 2009

Thank you!

7 08 2009
Angry Scottishman

Happy Birthday.
I still have your Sweets (candy) here for you.

7 08 2009

Thank you. Your posts made my morning! And I was so mad when I realized I forgot about that last night… I should be at practice on Tuesday.

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