Uncaged in the wild…

9 08 2009

When this weekend’s camping adventure was originally announced, Dilbert included the following in his email:

“You can bring friends if you like to raft and/or camp.  Be forewarned, this is not the group to impress people with, we can be complete boobs when we’re let out of our cages for the weekend so don’t bring that special someone unless they already know you hang out with a bunch of idiots.”

He wasn’t kidding. He was being entirely honest. The group of us can be entirely ridiculous. Be patient, we’ll get to that part of it.

On Friday, all I wanted to do was get to camp and drink my Mokah. I met up with Dennis & Field Mouse and we set out. We were the first three at camp and I scored an awesome tent spot. I opened my Mokah and started to set up my area. Dilbert and his lady friend followed shortly after, as did Buckeye and his buddy. Calipanthergrl and Fashion Forward also made it before the end of the night. FF brought the most eclectic collection of beer, wine & liquor I’ve seen in quite some time:


And CPG’s tent resembled more of a McMansion than a tent. It has rooms. Three of them at least.


It was pretty hysterical setting it up. In the dark. With a lantern, head lamp and two flashlights. Good times.

We got a fire going and a good time was had by all. It was a pretty chill night but we had a good time.We had burgers, Field Mouse made a stir fry in a camp wok on a little campfire he set up off to the side. Impressive. FF made filet and shrimp.  Oh, and mussells. Yeah, that’s how he rolls.

Field Mouse and I did try to look at the stars, since we both truly enjoy doing so, but it was too overcast.

Saturday morning we had to wake up early. Most of the group and new arrivals were going rafting. CPG, FF and I were not. The idea to start the day with a morning drink/beer was probably not the best idea most of us ever had. The rafters left and I got a text from a new arrival, Big Guy, who was not rafting. He needed a ride or he’d be stranded at the launch site. CPG, FF and I packed up and picked him up. After a road trip to get even more beer, we returned to camp. The boys and I decided to go for a swim in the river near the launch site.

Swimming was cold, but fun. And involved some Maker’s Mark. Seriously. But the point of this story is that I actually went into the river that tried to kill me a few years ago. The current was swift and I was pretty scared at one point. But I stayed in for a while.  The boys ventured out further than I was willing, but I consider it a success.

We returned to camp and waited for word that the rafters were done so we could go get dinner at the BBQ place. This didn’t happen. They went to the BBG place without even contacting us. We were significantly pissed, but we worked it out. While back at camp, waiting, FF managed to post to his blog.  Nice.

At this point, the insanity and ridiculousness sets in. Big Guy brought a game of beersbee. I have no idea if it’s spelled right. It involves PVC pipe, two beer bottles and a frisbee. The point is to set the bottle on the top of the PVC pipe and throw the frisbee to knock off the bottle. We managed to get two or three other campsites involved in this. It escalated to a push-up contest between other campers, Big Guy, Short Bus, and Artsy. There’s video, but I’m too tired to post it.

While the insanity was going on, CPG, FF and I took a walk around the campground. We found some miniature Queen’s Ann Lace flowers, discovered a field where we encouraged FF to go and frolic with others, and I took a pretty nice sunset pic:


By this time, a drunken Field Mouse has disappeared and we’re back at the fire with everyone. At some point, Buckeye and I hear a neighboring camp site chanting “O-H,” to which we respond (being good OSU fans) “I-O!” Multiple times over. We decide to go and pay a visit.

When we return, Field Mouse is back and passed out in a chair. I tried to wake him to look at the stars, as it wasn’t overcast, but he would not budge. I took in the stars all on my own and it was awesome. I returned to the campsite, Field Mouse is still DOA and I retire to our tent.

Apparently after I went to bed, FM decided it’d be a good idea to put his feet IN the fire. I was awoken to someone opening the door of my tent and a field mouse being thrown inside. I can’t tell you how hilarious it is that THE Field Mouse was THE field mouse thrown in my tent on this trip. He landed approximately 30% on the air mattress. The rest on rocky ground. He remained there for most of the night.

At some point during these events, CPG, FF and I drunk dialed Uncle Crappy. Had I had the number and a better working phone, I would totally have drunk dialed the SIDT line. Major fail on my part. I promise next time guys. Us ruggers are entertaining, especially late night.

At some point, I chased the Marine around the campsite in circles. This is amazing because the site was crazy rocky and had tree roots everywhere. We both remained upright.

All in all, it was a great birthday weekend. The best parts:

  • Video of my Little C sent to me on Friday with my sister singing Happy Birthday and Little C helping her along. Too cute for words.
  • Birthday Southern Tier Mokah. Delicious.
  • Venturing into the river that tried to kill me. And surviving. And having fun.
  • Stars in the sky and just laying on the grass staring at them.
  • The Field Mouse being thrown in my tent.
  • Good friends & good times. Especially when there’s photo evidence of it: 

nicole and i

CPG and I may have been slightly trashed at this point, as it was right before I crashed. But really, aren’t we cute?



4 responses

9 08 2009
Uncle Crappy

Ohio State cheers in the woods? I am so proud of you.

9 08 2009

Hey, I was with Buckeye, whom you’ve met. And when I told you I was a fan, I wasn’t kidding. It was also even more hysterical that I was sitting on Buckeye’s lap when we heard it. Lol. AND I’ve cleared a special thingy for your hat with Buckeye. He approved it, so I’m going ahead with it. And of course, it will be spectacular!

12 08 2009

Any changes you made to this post worked. No issues now. Way to go!

12 08 2009

Thank you, sir! lol. Hope to see you and my boys soon!

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