Annoyed Angel + Heat = disaster

10 08 2009

I don’t think I’ve thrown this out here, but I may as well do it now since I actually know many of you and given Yinz Team softball etc, you probably should know. Especially considering I’m sitting here on my couch and literally about to melt into my couch and cease to exist. God help me when I go to sleep tonight. You’ll read why in a sec.

Anyway… Me and the sweltering god-awful heat? We are NOT friends. To the extent that on a really hot day, yours truly will flat out faint & fall over. Good times, no? This all started in high school, continued through college and finally continues now. Granted the actual fainting only happened once entirely. If I’m asleep? I tend to just wake up sick to my stomach nauseous.

But the fun part for all of us isn’t the fainting. Is the leading up to it… Picture this…

Daytime: I’m sitting/standing somewhere, totally all A-OK, and I’ll know it’s a little warm for my tastes, and all of a sudden my hearing goes. At this point, after all this time, I now know what’s going on and will attempt to remove myself from the sweltering heat, or cool myself down.¬† However, it’s around that point that my ability to see also leaves me. And then we’re in a rough situation… It’s fun to run away from your friends in search of shade when you can’t hear and have increasingly blurry, almost no vision. It’s more fun on a hot day while playing rugby. Wearing a scrum cap. What better way to keep the heat IN, smarty pants.

Nighttime: Imagine waking up, partially unable to hear or see and feeling sick to your stomach. And trying not to lose your dinner/late night snack. Yeah, good times.

If I get ice or cold water on the back of my neck and the insides of my wrists, or at night quickly down a popsicle and a ton of water, I should be ok in a little while. If not? Well, let’s hope I’m not somewhere without hard surfaces. I’ve managed to catch things during the day pretty well and manage myself. As I said, I’ve only fainted once for real. But if the hearing goes and the sight thing starts, damn is that scary.

At night it’s a little more difficult. I can catch things early enough when I wake up. But when wake up in the morning and know I need a cool shower, it doesn’t always work out. If that shower somehow spits out hot water? I’m done for.

It’s not pretty. I hate it. And all the doctors I’ve consulted have came back with my blood pressure being normal, but low on the normal scale. Thus when I overheat, my BP drops to ugly levels. Gee, thanks. That really helps me. Anyone want to follow me around and monitor my BP at all times in the summer? No? Yeah, me neither.

As such, I’m going to cross my fingers and hope I make it through tonight without losing my dinner or waking up on the floor of my apartment.

I know most of my Twitter buddies wanted 90 degree heat, but I’ll be honest. It’s August and I’ve made it without having a single issue this summer. And I’d like to keep it that way.



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