What social media means to me…

11 08 2009

I’m a little late on this one, but if you’ve been reading since last week at least, you know I had a birthday, another birthday to commemorate and a weekend recap to finish. I also wasn’t sure how to approach this in the best way.

If I sat down to write what this community gave me, it could end up a small novel. So instead, I’ve decided to highlight my favorite posts that I’ve written that focus on social media & my social media friends, and what it and they have done for me, helped me with and given me. I encourage you to go and read and see what I’ve experienced and why it’s something that means more to me than anything but my Little C and family. Yes, rugby kids, they might mean more than you at this point. Only because when I was broken down and fed up, they’ve encouraged me to keep with it.

But, whatever. I did some thinking today and we’re going back to when I started this here bloggity-blog.

It all started when I randomly started to read some ‘Burgh related blogs. And then I joined Plurk. And then Twitter. That was it for months. And I befriended people and they supported what I was doing (mostly talking rugby games and Brewfest prep.) and encouraged me in not only those things but to start this blog.

And then the blog began. Nearly 1 year ago.

  1. Social Media and the results of last year’s PodCamp created OMGPittsburgh.com. Which allowed me to post pictures of my favorite overlook in the city.
  2. Social media – via this blog – allowed me to express my feelings about my cat being put down.
  3. And about my mom and my dad.
  4. And about my sister and her husband.
  5. Though social media, I got some CRAZY exposure online from my friends. They helped me sell/give away tickets, congratulated me when it was ready, attended the event, and celebrated afterwards.
  6. We had the Yinz Team Flackle Football. So much fun and I hope it can be delayed a bit as my flight home is mid-day Saturday this year. (@Shireman I’m talking to you here.)
  7. Allowed me to share Florida’s Christmas Crazy. Which used to drive ME crazy. But now I’m okay with it since others can see it too!
  8. Helped me celebrate not only New Year’s Eve, but helped me welcome in New Year’s Day in a way I didn’t think I was capable.
  9. Helped me rescue the Midgie when she was booted and nearly carted away.
  10. Supported My (now former) Living Room and gave me what has to be the best send-off ever. With video to prove it.
  11. Encouraged me to sign up for the March for Maddie. Allowed me to raise more money than I thought I could and allowed me to share a great morning at the March with them.
  12. Introduced me to my first car bomb. And gifted me with a kick ass t-shirt from Ohio U.
  13. Helped me rejoice when My Little C was born, and some continue to be amazed by my love for her!
  14. Let me give a gift, of sorts, to Creation Rex.
  15. Helped me share the Kentucky Derby with y’all, and helped me wish my favorite partner in non-crime a happy birthday.
  16. Bucco Game tweet up.
  17. Great 4th of July. Where I was given an opportunity to watch the USA Rugby match on a big screen TV in the BEV Lounge. It. Was. Awesome.
  18. Welcomed my parents at the Yinz Team softball game – they had a blast!!
  19. Helped me buy myself a gift to celebrate the cancelled Birthday that I had recently. (But that I spent with two of my favorite social media AND rugby folk. BONUS!)

It’s allowed me to show the rugby community – at least those that read this (comment btw, you might as well have your opinion heard) that I’m not the mean, angry person they think I am, but rather a hard worker who just needs help for her events. It’s allowed me to commemorate events, meaningful or not.

And besides all of those posts, it’s given me some great, amazing truly awesome friends. People I would do anything for, and who have gone leaps and bounds to help me.

Some posts suck. I know that. And some are awesome. I don’t care. It’s ME. But overall, social media? Helped me, start to find ME.

So ‘Burgh Social Media? You Rock. And thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Truly.




4 responses

12 08 2009

thank you for diving into social media and becoming a great friend. I like having you around 🙂

12 08 2009

Yeah! You’re not so bad.

12 08 2009
Uncle Crappy

The last few months wouldn’t have been the same without you. I’m so glad you decided to take the plunge.

12 08 2009
Burgh Baby

Just chiming in to say that we’re all better off for having you around.

That’s a fact.

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