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15 08 2009
  • Crappy Bootlegging delivered two 22oz. Southern Tier Mokah bottles as promised, and on time. (I have an addiction to the Mokah. It’s bad, people. I might need an intervention. I luuuuuuuurve it.) Payment was made for the purchase. However, their demand of $3,582 for shipping & handling? Ridiculous. I am sure that the special project I have going on will reduce that S/H charge to negative $3,582 in a few days/weeks.
  • It’s Friday. And that means (usually) Yinz Team Softball! Yay! I managed to get a few errands done in Monroevile before heading to our field. Sweet.
  • We only had 10 people to start. Ended with 12. Rather than play some version of 6 vs. 6, we played in rotating groups of 4. I have no idea how Shireman and UncleCrappy made it happen but they did.
  • During our game, I did something truly amazing. I caught a pop-fly ball. I was playing 3rd base and UncleCrappy was up to bat. He was batting righty (he’s a lefty) and here comes this high, short pop fly. Right. To. Me. And I actually caught it. Amazing. If Mr. Coach of Team PantsParty or CPG reads this? They would SWEAR I’m lying, but I’m not. Apparently if I have time to think about a catch, I can’t do it. I dunno. (And still, sorry, Uncle Crappy. Really.)
  • Side note: If I’m ever in the line of sight of Josh Sager after he catches a ball? I WILL immediately drop to the ground for fear of being struck by one of his ridiculously fast & furious throws anywhere. Craaazy. But he rocks on defense – for TeamShireman, so I have a right to be afraid.
  • Of course, one of my best buddies, TehJack was in attendance. TehJack and I go waaaay back.  He’s one of our biggest fans. Ever. He was super sleepy when he arrived, but it didn’t take long till I saw my favorite TehJack smile. Multiple times, of course, as it’s one of my fave things to do while waiting for my at-bat. He’s starting to talk soooo much more. It was hard to play 3rd base and not tune into TehJack telling his mommy 3,000 stories. Too cute. I love seeing TehJack each week to see how much he changes & grows. Thanks, TehJack, for being a super fan (and thanks mom & dad of TehJack) so that when I talk to Lili I about what Little C is doing, I *might* have seen something TehJack did already and know what she’s talking about!
  • I had been planning to meet my Field Mouse at Rivertown Pour House after the game along with UncleCrappy & MrsCrappy & any other Yinz Teamers who wanted to join in.  I offered up the invite to both Team Shireman and Team PantsParty… Unfortunately MrsCrappy couldn’t make it this evening, so I figured I’d be heading there alone.
  • But I was wrong! Yay! Turns out that a few others caught my offering and were going as well! So MrDirby, Strom , Sager and I headed there after the game. We had a surprise visit from UncleCrappy, and eventually the Field Mouse wandered in as well. It was a fun night with topics ranging from my Brewfest (thank you Strom & MrDirby for your help offerings! You may regret it later! lol), the Little League World Series, the Steelers, 7s rugby accepted to the Olympics, the Soccer World Cup, baseball, football, golf, beer, the motivational seminar held this week in the ‘Burgh, and a ridiculous story from Field Mouse about his last final at PSU.
  • And true to my form, which CPG will totally understand, it was me and 5 guys holding the afore-mentioned conversations. And it was much fun. I’d do it again after any Yinz Team game in a hot second.
  • Everyone headed out around 11pm, but the Field Mouse and I, sans beer, retired to the tiny two table outside patio, watching random people play frisbee between cars(?) for about an hour, talking about last weekend’s camping trip, books, movies, rugby and random topics.
  • All in all? A great evening. Good times with good friends. I can’t wait for the next game.



3 responses

16 08 2009
Uncle Crappy

1) The fly ball? You’re not really sorry, right?

2) The hat’s got to be worth close to $3,000. I’m sure we can work out something to cover the difference.

16 08 2009
Coach J-Lo

Yes, the actual coach of UncleCrappyPantsParty reads this. Well done 🙂

16 08 2009

Thank you, sir. I do try. The whole softball/baseball thing is so foreign to me. Mostly I fail at those attempts in the field, but I do try. At least I can hit the ball now every time, right? You have to come watch a rugby match….

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