You didn’t get it…

16 08 2009

So now I’ll just give up the answer…

A month or so ago, I asked you to “Guess What It Is” and then again with a revisited post. None of you got it. At least none of you whom I don’t talk to on a very regular basis. Given who we all know, couldn’t you figure it out from the colors?

I’m making a new version of this:

The almost-done Hat

The Original Made-By-Me Hat

for the biggest OSU fan on the planet, in my estimation, UncleCrappy.

Of course, it’s in scarlet and gray. We picked out felt for this one, rather than denim. And some kick-ass red and silver bells of varying sizes.

I’ve been working on it here and there. And being who I am, I decided to make something a little special for it. I decided to hand stitch an embroidered script Ohio for the top of the hat. I am a band nerd, after all, so it makes sense.

Don’t know what the script Ohio is? That’s a major fail. But, I’ll educate you now, via Wikipedia:


“Script Ohio is the signature formation of The Ohio State Marching Band performed before or during halftime, or after home games. Script Ohio was first performed by The Ohio State Marching Band on October 10, 1936 at the Ohio State versus University of Pittsburgh football game.”

…and “Each time the formation drill is performed, a different fourth- or fifth-year sousaphone player has the privilege of standing as the dot in the “i” of “Ohio.” The sousaphone player trots out of the line after the letters are formed to the point above the “i”, then takes a series of deep bows to each side of the stadium.”

And how did it turn out? Freaking fantastically spectacular:

script ohio

Since I can’t sew a sousaphone player, I went with a bell to dot the “i.” (I could NOT just stitch a dot for the “i”) It works, in my opinion.The stitching is a little shaky, but hey, for my first attempt? I’d give myself a gold medal.

The body of the hat, scarlet & gray squares, is done. (Can’t find a pic of it right now… and I’m under pressure to get this up!) Here is the top of the hat, ready to be attached to the rest:


The sweet script Ohio, bordered in red. But first, I had to attach the little bell thingys that UncleCrappy approved last night at the Sharp Edge…



Hard to see, but each “triangle” has two or three bells. Mix of red & silver. It’s going to be a loud hat. And not just because of its size and colors.

And the whole top?


WOW. Will that look fantastic attached to the scarlet & gray body of the hat. Wow. I might have to make myself one for the OSU v PSU TweetUp on Nov. 7th. Maybe. We’ll see. I just want to get this one done for my friend first.

MrsCrappy: I am sorry if UncleCrappy nearly had a heart attack waiting for this post. I truly did not expect it to take so long. Also, I hope you are feeling better. I missed you this weekend!! 🙂




3 responses

16 08 2009
Burgh Baby

Holy. Crap. Well done!

16 08 2009

Burgh Baby – thanks. It’s turning out so much better than I ever thought. Crazy. It’s not done yet though, so there’s still room for major error. Yikes.

16 08 2009
Uncle Crappy

I’ve seen little bits and pieces of this as AAA gets them put together, including the beautiful Script Ohio yinz guys get to see here. But getting a look at even just a bit of my partially-assembled hat? I’m pretty much beside myself here…

AAA, you still don’t have any idea of how completely excited I am about this. Or how much I appreciate what you’re doing. Again — thank you.

And the rest of you who didn’t figure this one out? C’mon, guys — it wasn’t that hard…

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