Oh Hai.

19 08 2009

Hai there. I’m having serious writer’s block/bored life right now, and I’ve been sewing my face off, so I haz not much to share with you now. However:


  • I will be not here in the next day or two. I will be elsewhere. But I’ll be a kind & gentle soul and share a link with you when it’s appropriate. (Shut up. I am a kind & gentle soul. If you don’t know that, you don’t know ME. heh.)
  • PittGirl is back. But it’s not PittGirl. It’s Ginny. And I’m over the moon happy about it. If PittGirl/HerMajesty/Ginny’s own personal Butler, @Woycheck, wasn’t on TeamShireman, I’d totally try to convince Team PantsParty to be nice to them for an inning or so. But since TeamShireman is so stacked that they make us look silly, I’ll just be happy That’s Church is around. Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I have my doctor’s appointment to review my MRI tomorrow. Hmmm…. I’ve had 75% of my days filled with zero pain. The other 25% have been mild to moderate severe all over knee pain. I have no idea. I just know doing “stuff” makes my knee angry. So let’s hope the MRI shows something, shall we? Yes, we shall.
  • Oh! Guess what! I sent the mobile from ASM’s wedding to Little C. It’s now hanging in her bedroom! My sister loves it…
  • I’m hoping to get photo/video to share with ASM of Little C talking to the inanimate mobile when I finally go visit again in 23 days.
  • In case you missed that, I am going to get to see the then FOUR MONTHS OLD Little C in 23 days! 23 days. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  • Anyway, check back to see where I am in the next couple of days. It will be good. I promise.



One response

20 08 2009
Burgh Baby

I swear the motto in that LOLCat is what Meg thinks all. day. long.

You are going to have to start working on faking excitement for your visit!

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