21 08 2009

I’m sitting here trying to wrap my head around the results of my doctor appointment yesterday. The doctor came in, looked at the MRI on the light board and asked if I wanted the good or bad news first. I said either. His reply was that it didn’t matter because they were the same. He doesn’t see anything wrong with my knee.

Allow me to repeat that: HE DOESN’T SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH MY KNEE!!!! WTH?

My ACL, PCL, MCL, meniscus? All intact and looking fine. The doctor is totally confused because I have all the pain symptoms of a meniscus tear. He was SURE the MRI was going to come back showing a tear.

So now what? A few weeks of PT in the hopes that whatever the PT makes me do will help us understand what’s wrong & why I’m having consistent pain – for 4+ months now. Thankyouverymuch.

I’m cleared to play rugby as long as I can stand the pain, so I guess starting tomorrow I’m loading up on the Advil, hitting the pitch and perhaps destroy my knee to the point where we figure out what is wrong. Sounds fun, right?

This is so annoying.


22 days till I get to see Little C and my family again! Yay!




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