Weekend recap…

23 08 2009

I had a great weekend.Great, I tell you.

I stayed in Friday night and got some sewing done and fixed some issues I had with the hat.

Saturday, I woke up super early, tried to get more sleep and failed. So I headed out to Boyce Park for the rugby day ahead of me. I am not sure how our men did in their first match, we were too busy preparing for ours.

Right before our game, our super spectators, UncleCrappy & MrsCrappy showed up. Their appearance was an awesome surprise! They made some new friends and talked to almost everyone they’ve met already. I appreciate their coming out to watch us more than I can tell you. Thank you both!!

The Angels played a good game. Fixed things that went wrong as they came about. (I played the 3rd 20 min quarter. My knee felt fine. Good. Great, even. But I’m still suspect as it still hurt afterward and today.) But overall, the Angels prevailed and won 51-20. Wow.

After our game, I went and helped to set up the social and cheffed it up for a while – cooking some burgers & dogs. I then realized I had better get going as I was making an appearance at Shireman’s Fantasy Football draft to hang out with everyone for a little while before my “real” evening plans.

I got to hang out with my buddy TehJack, who shared with me a few little toys that I might buy for my Little C. Thanks, TehJack, for being so super awesome! And showing me if only once that stellar toothy smile! I love it!

I spent some time in the draft room. It was hilarious, given who was in attendance. It would take me an hour to list the people, find links to their blogs/profiles etc. So let’s just say it was a good portion of the Yinz Team/Pod Camp/Pgh blog & online community. Obviously an awesome group of people who are super fun!!!!!!!

But then I got the call that my other plans were ready to go. So I headed out and had a great night. Including watching the movie Cocktail. Yes, the old-school Tom Cruise movie. I love me some 80’s movies, so I was good with this. It was a fun time.

All in all, it was a good weekend. Got some rather disappointing news this evening that could become a post in the future, but for now I’m just going to think about what it means for the group.

I’m thankful I had so much fun this weekend!




2 responses

23 08 2009
Uncle Crappy

Gulp. Hat issues?

24 08 2009

It’s ok. The interfacing wasn’t sticking in some places. But I’ve got it figured out. No worries!

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