24 08 2009
  • There are things going on in my world that I have no idea how to deal with right now. Not my doing, not that I can change it, but it wears on me.
  • And frickity-frack, these things could change some of the things I’ve written about on this here blog in the past week. That makes me angry, sad and confused.
  • Thankfully, there are only 18 days until I see Little C.
  • 18 days until my heart and soul and brain will clear itself the second I am off of that airplane and hold her. I kid you not. The second I hold her, I know I will inhale, exhale and feel that all is right in my world. I will also try to forget everything that negative has happened in the past 30 days…
  • Little C has that power on my life. She clears me of everything bad, negative, not so good and oops. It’s the BEST feeling in the world.
  • My old friend, Mason Jennings is coming to town again. And he has a new album coming out next month. Check it out.

  • You should, if you can, go and see him. If not because he’s an amazing musician now, but also because he helped make me who I am today. Just pray he plays some piano during his show, IMHO, that’s where he rocks. At least to me in my old self.



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