Random and candy!

26 08 2009
  • First things first. My Yahoo Mail started giving me a wacko new home page with “Connections” and news and all kinds of crap. I suspect it’s because I accepted a “connection” from ASM last night… I clicked on “Connections” and I see this:

“Connections are people from your Contacts with whom you enjoy special benefits.”

I’m sorry. What? Doesn’t that just sound kinda wrong? I don’t really have friends with special benefits. In that way or in any other way. Especially not ASM! And I feel like I need a shower for just reading that line on the site! Lol.

  • My good friend ASM stopped by my work yesterday to give me a birthday gift that he’s been carting around to rugby practice. I haven’t been there when he has, so this was the best way…

The gift included these things:

Screenshot - 8_26_2009 , 11_18_32 PM

Cadbury Fudge, Bassett’s Jelly Babies (minis), Cadbury Chomp, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Cadbury Twirl, Aero, Smarties (minis!), Cadbury CurlyWurly & Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel.

And, of course, my second most beloved chocolate in the whole world (behind Maltesers), Cadbury Crunchie.


Having all these in my immediate grasp has been a major test of my willpower. The fact that most of it is still sitting in the fridge is amazing. While I have Crunchies, Aeros, Dairy Milk & Smarties occasionally via family trips to Canada or the random “British Shop” here or in Florida, the rest of them I haven’t had in eons. I mean, we’re talking 10-15 or more years.  I’m in my own special level of heaven right now.

  • But then I see that ASM has a new post up… oh, boy! I think! I thoroughly enjoy his posts as they are very entertaining and he’s become such a good friend.

And what do I see?  I see this:

Screenshot - 8_26_2009 , 11_33_37 PM

Now, as ASM is my friend, I am happy for him. However, I am sad for the rugby club, as we will be losing a very intelligent player and man. But I wish ASM and his wonderful wife good luck and much success in Arizona. I hope that he continues to blog, as I enjoy reading his trials & tribulations at his job. lol.

I’m also hoping that we can give him a proper send off, so ASM, let me know your date of departure and I’d be happy to get some folks together to say farewell.




2 responses

27 08 2009
Uncle Crappy

Crap. I should have introduced myself to ASM on Saturday when I had the chance.

27 08 2009
Angry Scottish Man

you say the nicest things

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