Sad Panda…

28 08 2009


Remember a week ago? I wrote this:

Screenshot - 8_28_2009 , 12_28_07 AM

And a couple of days ago I wrote this:

Screenshot - 8_27_2009 , 12_14_20 AM

Yeah, seems it’s worse than I thought and making things very difficult on a lot of people. People I care about and myself. And it’s going to change things. More than I thought.

I hate disrespectful people. And people who ignore a governing body that THEY voted into office. It makes me sick.

I don’t like this. At all.

I’m not going to go into the who, what, where and why right now.

But what I will do is rescind what I wrote in this post about the men’s team. Really.

If you found this via Dick’s link to the Three Rivers post, I suggest you comment. Because you’re about to have to figure out Brewfest & Coopers Lake all on your own. Just a warning.

And to be honest, that actually makes me so sad. More upset than I am to be living away from My Little C right now. Honestly. It’s terrible.

I’ve been working so hard on Brewfest for the past month or two. So this is even more painful than it could be…

I’m so sad, but I’ll be okay – because, since I’m single, my simple joys come from my Little C…

I can’t find my graphics, so deal with this…


…the number of days till I see Little C.

Thank god,  and my sister and NE. (I love you guys!!!!)

I’m going to remember how right the world will be when I hold Little C…  Yes, at that point, it will make all things right in my world, no matter what.




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