Fantasty Football – Team AnnoyedAngel

31 08 2009

Our draft took approximately 35 minutes. 14 teams. 35 minutes. Amazing.

Here is what I ended up with.

  • QB: Donovan McNabb

QB - mcnabb

  • WR – Larry Fitzgerald

WR - fitzgerald

  • WR – Bernard Barrian

wr - berrian

  • WR – Kevin Walter

wr - walter

  • RB – Thomas Jones

rb - jones

  • RB – Kevin Smith

rb - smith

  • TE – Tony Gonzales

TE - gonzales

  • K – Kris Brown

k - brown

  • Team Defense – Tennessee Titans

d titans

And my bench players:

  • QB – Chad Pennington – MIA
  • TE – Dustin Keller – NYJ
  • RB – Sammy Morris – NE
  • WR – Justin Gage – TEN
  • K – Rian Lindell – BUF
  • Team D – New England

Am I okay with my team? Yes, right now. I am going to ask for the my super duper brother-in-law NE to help me with the Pats choices. Please send good vibes to my players! He’s gotta love me forever for picking his team’s D right now, right? (Well, taking into account we agreed Little C could like either or both teams, I’m kind of happy my team ended up this way… ) And considering they live in the southern Florida area, I’m asking Lili & NE for their help with my random Dolphin choices….

I have no idea what I’ve done or what I’m doing going forward. CPG said something today about “waivers.” What? Wait. I have to pay attention to this each week? I can’t even update the rugby website each week regularly, and I KNOW I have to do that…. crap.




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