31 08 2009

(If you missed my original “Pissed Off” post earlier today, sorry.)

The post that has me pissed off has been updated with a rather unclassy link to my actual post, in ALL CAPS at the end of the post.

However I just noticed that this individual hasn’t even copied my post in its entirety. It seems they’ve removed some things…

Over there on the right side of my site, there is a little blurb that is under the header “MINE.” This blog is covered by the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommerical-No Derivitave Works 3.0 Unported license.

What does this mean? It means you can share whatever I write here. BUT you have to attribute the work to me, you cannot use it for commercial purposes AND you cannot alter, transform or build upon this work. These things can be waived if you have my permission. Which means you contact me and ask.

This individual did not contact me. They didn’t post my comment requesting that they attribute my work. They did not write to apologize for their mistake. Instead they added a link to my site and to the site where they originally found the info, at the bottom of their post. (Side note: the site where this individual found the post does attribute the work to me and posted the entire thing.)

After I posted the “Three Rivers” stuff, it appeared on a number of forums for the actors and the show. I was a little freaked out, since this is my little corner of the world, but it didn’t seem too bad. But when I found the post last night, the fact that it wasn’t linked to me pissed me off. And now realizing they’ve changed it? I’m irate.

So my friends, seeing as how I’m not in the best mood today and may be blowing this out of proportion, here’s my question. Do I ask this individual to take their post down given all of this? I’m leaning towards yes.

What do you think? Clickity click below.




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