A little bit of happy…

30 09 2009

This hasn’t been a great week. At all. There’s a lot of things that make it that way, but we’re not going to get into those right now.

Thankfully, my sister is the best sister on the planet and sent some her monthly email today with pictures of the 4-month old Little C.

And I smiled. I smiled every time I looked at each picture. She’s so damn cute. Her smile melts me. But since I won’t show you that here, you can see these things:


That is our lovely Little C in her christening gown.

That gown was also my sister’s christening gown…

And it was my christening gown. Which means it’s way over 30 years old. And it still looks gorgeous, and obviously Little C look even more beautiful than it would be on its own. Of course, right? (side note: NO CLUE how my mom managed to preserve it so amazingly well!! But she did an amazing, fantastic job with it!)

And do you remember this?


Yes? No? It’s one of the little toys I bought for Little C before my trip earlier this month…

Well, this picture is from the email sent today…


Obviously this Aunt knows how to buy an awesome toy… because nearly three weeks later, there is our little buddy the elephant, hanging out with Little C. And yes, Little C is wearing an adorable Red Sox onesie, since she’s such a big baseball fan! (Reminder: we totally support Little C endorsing the Red Sox. That is all.)

*sigh* she’s so cute, My Little C… I’m so glad that I get these little glimpses of her that make me smile.

I’d much rather see her every day, but since I can’t I’ll appreciate what I can see of her. πŸ™‚

Now excuse me while I go stare at these pics and melt myself a little more.

Just in case…

29 09 2009

If I go missing over the next 6 weeks, you can most likely blame it on this:


It’s surely going to be the end of me this year…

Unfortunately for me, I do not just email the brewers to attend… I do a kagillion other things for the event. I’m good at it, and it’s kind of fun, but mostly it’s annoying and frustrating.

Come hell or high water, or any other disaster you can come up with, I WILL place the order for tickets tomorrow. I’ll also get the Paypal ticket stuff up on the website by the end of the weekend. I don’t care who I have to beat down, harm or scream at to make these things happen… These things WILL HAPPEN.

And after that? I’ll start to worry about the rest of the kagillion things I have to decide very soon. Sweet. More fun for next week.

Fortunately for all of you, there is something fun coming up a little over a week from now. Let’s hope I make it until then.

I expect to see ALL of you who even glance at this site/post to be at Brewfest. You may as well plan to come say hi, providing I live that long.

Oh, and feel free to copy & add this to your site, along with a link to this: http://www.pghrugby.com/brewfest.html or this site.


Why? Because you love me and you want me to live to see Little C at Thanksgiving… And because really, seeing Little C again just makes each day pass a little more quicly… Thankfully.

And the stress begins…

28 09 2009

I’m knee deep into Brewfest. And by knee deep I mean that the muck is really up to my neck.

We’ve added a new bar – Steelhouse. So I spent early Sunday wandering around the empty bar as they opened, taking measurements, imagining things that could happen, things that will happen…

I spent most of Sunday evening on the pittsburghbrewfest@gmail.com account, emailing every brewer I can find in the United States. Again. And emailing some of them for a third time because they still haven’t made a decision… I’m not worried, but geez it takes them a while to get back to me sometimes.

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to get people in and moving around whatever bar is first, and then moving them between the bars… It’s really difficult. I’m trying to avoid the “tiny hallway” congestion that we ran into last year. Especially because the new hallway between Bar Room & Steelhouse is about 1/3 the size of the previous hallway!!

The only solution? Route people outside. Literally, the only option. But between each bar, it’s only 5-8 feet to walk max. Y’all are going to have to do it, regardless of the weather. I have to ask – is that too much to ask of you? I can’t see another option, so if you were there last year and have a suggestion, please leave a comment!

What do I know – I’ve got nothing on a crowd of 1,000+ people. No matter how hard I try… I can’t control where & when people do things at this event,. And no matter how I try to get people to route outside, even if it’s nice out, people may still flock to that tiny hallway… I just don’t know how to fix that. I’m hoping to reverse the “route” that you’ll travel this year – so that you END at Saddle Ridge. A much larger venue and able to accommodate more people as they gather and end the night…

If we route people outside, and the weather is cold/rainy/snow, we’re going to have portable heaters and some awnings/tents to cover those areas if needed… And we’ll have my wonderful PRFC boys out there to move you along, remind you of where you should be going, etc. And I have a feeling I might end up out there for most of my night…

The bands/entertainment is changing this year as well… I’ll post a link as soon as we’re confirmed.

There’s just so much that needs to be done. Some of it is mind-numbing stupid. Like trying to figure out where you’ll enter Brewfest so I can finally have tickets made. Oh, and trying to outsmart a Paypal button on the website so that I don’t have to ask for help to fix it (I was entirely successful on that adventure, I might add. Over the past week? Website -2, Me +35. I WIN!), or creating a Visio drawing of Steelhouse and where the permanent items are. Took me over an hour and a half (mostly because stupid Visio doesn’t have “booths” as in the restaurant table type booths as an item to add to your floorplan, nor do they have many other restaurant items available…)

And I totally entered into this year’s Brewfest thinking it would be easy-peasy and that I had 75% of the prep type stuff done already. Wow was I wrong.

Please send good, positive thoughts to me for the next 6 weeks. I’ll love you for it forever, I swear. My sanity is on the line here…

Happy… oh, Rugby Day

27 09 2009

Stick with me here, kids, cause there’s something fun after my typing marathon!

Saturday is a rugby day! Hooray! When it isn’t regular season, somehow Saturday is still a rugby day, and when there isn’t a game to play or watch you kind of feel lost.

The Angels played the Pitt girls today. We won – a few tries and a phenomenal drop goal by a former WVU player – to zero. She’s got a great boot, that girl. Someday down the road there’s going to be a league team that is stunned because we pull a drop goal on them!! The Pitt girls were significantly better than we expected, I think. But it’s funny though, because their coaches are a former Angel, a current men’s player and they’re helped by a number of current Angels. πŸ™‚

I started at flanker. Played so-so. Wasn’t feeling entirely up to par. The only thing I’m pretty sure I did do well was move around the field and chase that dang ball. Oh, and some pretty nice looping with the backs. (Hard to explain, but I passed the ball to someone, went on their outside, caught the ball again, passed it off and rinse & repeat… get it?) I came out at halftime. No problem, except that it was still raining. And it was freezing. And I didn’t change because, well, you never know.

And I was right. The coach came up to me with about 15 minutes left and asked how I felt about playing in the back line… Well, it was raining and maybe 60 degrees, so I’m good for anything, so my reply was that I’d play where ever he wanted*. And I ended up spending the last 10 minute at outside center. Wow. Don’t remember the last time I played outside center. Maybe 3-5 years ago? Didn’t play very well, compared to my expectations, but the conditions were pretty crappy overall, so I’ll just pretend that’s why I didn’t play as well as I expected.

* In all honesty, the only positions that disturb me – are jumping in line outs & playing full back. Luckily, our coach has already handed me these fretful positions in the past and I’m able to deal… Bleh.*

Anyway, next up was my boys playing Detroit. Oh, my boys. I’m so proud of them! They are now 3-0. Yes, THREE WINS and ZERO LOSSES against league opponents so far this season. If they are given points like the Midwest Women are, they have two bonus points in their column. That? Is awesome.

I saw some amazing plays by them today. I saw players that I knew were good do awesome things. And then I saw players who took a few years off do even greater things!! I’ll say this here and now, because, well, it’s technically in print, I saw the Asshat play an AMAZING game. Seriously. Not kidding. I was impressed. And happy that not only he, but the rest of the guys are playing so well. I’d name more of them, but that would require me to 1) look at my Cast of Characters a bit more or 2) figure out names for the rest of them. To be honest, my brain is dead and option 2 would take me way, way too long… I’ll work on it for you though.

After that was the B side match vs a random Detroit team. I ran touch and I’m pretty sure that at one point most of their forwards were playing in the back line… Whatever, what I saw today by the B side was definitely an improvement on last week. Not that last week wasn’t good – it’s just that finally I see an improvement in the play of some of the players. I don’t get to watch the boys as much as I used to, due to schedules and my not working at My Living Room, and to see them two weeks in a row and see improvements overall? Makes me so happy and proud of them.

So, thanks for sticking with me through my happy rugby day. I started this post around 10:30pm on Saturday, the 26th. It’s now after one am, so technically, it’s the 27th. The real reason for this post actually occurred on the 26th, but what do we care, right? Right.

September 26th was not only my parents 35th anniversary – congrats to The Nana and The Grand Pa. I really wish I didn’t exclude family from this blog, cause you’d all think my parents were the cutest folk ever. I swear. I can provide names of those who have met them – rugby & Yinz Team – for proof, if you really need it!

Instead of my family, I exploit certain friends in and out of rugby. Yay for me!! Sorry for you!

The 26th was also my very good friend, The Angry Scottish Man‘s birthday! Hooray!!

NO clue what he’s doing here. This is a pic of an actual photo, taken at Dilbert’s request.

The Angry Scottish Man and his wonderful wife are leaving the ‘Burgh very soon. I am very sad at this, but I hope that they both continue their blogs as I love to read them – and especially because literally right after I meet the Angry Scottish Wife, they announce they are leaving town. Seriously? That is NOT fair. (ASW – I’m sending you an email as I want one of your amazing paintings before you go!!!!)

I hope that my friend had a wonderful birthday. I hope that things in AZ are working out a bit better than at first and that he’s enjoying the new job. I hope that he & the ASW have an easy time finding a place to live and an easy move. And I wish them both well. And I plan to tell them all of this – at their going away party… whenever that is… sometime soon, I suppose… I hope that they both continue to blog, because well, I enjoy seeing the things that ASW paints (go look at her site NOW.) And really, if ASM quit, well, we’d all be missing his hysterical take on everything he encounters… besides, who else will I share my Scottish randomness with? Right? Also, who else can provide me with delicious Scottish chocolate? (Some of which I still have, btw.)

Happy Birthday, sir. I will miss you and your wife when you leave us. If I ever make it out west, I will be calling on you for a floor space to occupy! πŸ™‚

What a week…

25 09 2009

First things first… Happy Anniversary to two people who mean so much to me I can’t put it into words… I would not be where I am, nor the person I am now if it wasn’t for both of you!! I haven’t seen you both in a while – we have to fix that!! Happy 10th Anniversary to @MrsCrappy & @UncleCrappy! You are both wonderful!!!

Back to my reality… So, I didn’t do much this week… Except toss & turn & be in pain and end up again in the ER. I’m not telling you why, it’s a long story, but I’m okay and a follow up test or two and doctor appointment or two will have me free & clear.

I’ve accomplished nothing all week… Until today. I managed to deliver the jerseys to Dilbert for the Pitt kids. Well, the ones they need anyway. Some of them are just short of not fixable, but I’m going to try.

I also managed to amble outside to meet @UncleCrappy and receive these awesome items:



This is my Saturday post-match t-shirt. This is your warning. Don't hate.

I did manage to leave the house (and wear the gray shirt above) and spend a ton at Joann’s. I was hoping to take pictures of some of this tomorrow, but it’s supposed to rain. Thank you, Mother Nature, for such a great week while I was sick, and giving me an awful day tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I’m supposed to play rugby tomorrow. Second row apparently. But this is all conditional on how I feel tomorrow. So we’ll see. If not, the women have, I think, the next 2-3 weekends at home, so make plans now, folks, to come & watch.

Right now, I’m pissed at the world for my sick week, the rain scheduled for tomorrow, not seeing Little C – I’m angry about that every second unless she’s nearby, let’s be honest – AND the stupid & retarded protesters who effed up my neighborhood while I was in the ER…

And those protesters? Seriously, what were they mad at? Maybe I’m a moron, ok, I am, but I just don’t get it… I’ll be honest once again, I’m not always a chipper person, but seriously? What pisses you off so much that you break a window at KFC? Or PNC? Or rip out the fence at a closed Taco Bell? And a window at Pamela’s? Really?

Are you mad at the fact that KFC has not released their secret recipe of herbs & spices? Mad that you don’t know the recipe that Pamela’s uses for their pancakes? Unable to afford a BMW? I really don’t get it…

Way to be creative, y’all. I’m sooo impressed. As is the rest of my city. And by impressed, I mean you’ve given us plenty of things to blog about and make fun of… (This is courtesy of my Google Reader, I’ve been waaaay off the radar this week, so forgive me, I may have missed a few or ten…)


That’s Church



But my favorite pic comes from my friends that I met through My Living Room, the folks at Commonwealth Press:


I’m glad none of the nonsense ended up in the South Side, because if anything happened to my friends’ businesses there, I’d be even more pissed. I know I don’t go to the So Side much anymore. It’s because I’m poor, but I still love it and my friends there.

If you have time tomorrow, the girls play at noon at Boyce Park. I’ll be there in some shape or form, playing or helping. You know you want to come watch…. Our boys have a league match after we play the Univ. of Pittsburgh. I do believe my boys will win and that it will be a good match to watch. DM me on Twitter if you need directions!

not missing…

23 09 2009

I’m not MIA folks. I promise. I’m just not feeling like myself this week. At. All.

And there are some things that are weighing on my mind that need more explanation from other parties. I hope to have these explanations & clarifications over the next week or so. Hopefully.

And there is Brewfest burning a trail right for me.

And there are things that are making me sad and not things I’m willing to talk about here. But most things will end up okay.

And there is a zillion things I should be sewing that I’m not.

And I miss my Little C. Especially the giggles caused by this:


Just a random “raspberry” to her tummy… See where her left hand is? Holding my thumb?? Vice grip. Important…. You’ve seen vague appearances of her chubbiness. How could I not want to snuggle/cause giggles all the time? And then you have this:

after raspberries

Besides a big old Little C grin, that you can’t see – and making me smile bigger than ever, she’s also going to hold my left thumb – see it in the pic? I’m pretty sure that the vice grip thumb holding is one of the best things ever. NE would agree. When he holds her a certain way, she goes right for his thumb and holds on tight. It’s the cutest and most reassuring thing in the world that Little C loves you, at least in my opinion.

Wow do I miss that little girl. Wow.

Weekend Win…

20 09 2009

I actually managed to get a ton of things done this weekend, and have a really good time as well. Absolute win.

I stayed in on Friday, most of the night on the phone dealing with rugby stuff and started in on the bib sets I need to make. I have 3 partial bibs ready to be put together and two and a half sets 99% done (just need the snaps on the bibs!) I also worked on finishing the stitching on the Little C and Me sewn logo. It’s almost done!!

I also went to Joann’s on Saturday and did some additional fabric research. Good things.

I’d say that sewing wise, I did pretty well. There’s still more to do, but I’ll get to it soon.

I checked my email on Friday night to find a picture of this:

red sox

That little almost-chubster is Little C in her new “My First Red Sox Tee” shirt, sent from her Aunt & Uncle in New England!Β  Isn’t it cute? She’s got a gigantic grin on her face in the full picture. It’s awesome.

After my Joann’s adventure on Saturday, I went and watched my boys play rugby. I didn’t travel with the girls – they won, by the way, 44-0 against Buffalo! The guys won against Toledo. 45-17, which means they get a bonus point in the Midwest standings! They played really well, against Toledo and the Developmental side. I was really impressed by all of them and happy they are doing well.

I left the game with a bag of Pitt rugby shirts that are in dire need of some repair work. I’ll start on those tomorrow night. I fear one of them is beyond my help. Basically the entire front of the jersey is ripped. Wahoo! A challenge!

Saturday night, I went to the drive in. Sans alcohol and armed with more than enough candy (Twizzlers, BottleCaps, Mike’n’Ike Lemonade variations.) Our double feature started with Sorority Row

soror row

which we spent most of the time making fun of, especially Rumor Willis, whom we nicknamed Horseface McSomething-or-other (I don’t remember!)

The second movie was The Goods… Soooo funny.


It was awesome. Hysterical, even. Too many one-liners to remember. I actually think I might add that to my tiny DVD collection in the future.

It was one of the most fun nights I’ve had watching movies in a long time!

I hope there will be more trips to the drive-inΒ  in the future. The website says 9 will be there soon and I can’t wait!

Pirates n’at

18 09 2009

So I really, really don’t get it, but September 19th is “Talk Like A Pirate Day.” Normally, I would never, ever bring this up, but I’m working on a special project of bib sets right now, and one of them happens to be related.


Who can’t love fabric covered in pirates? I need to find something else to make with it. I’m going to another JoAnn’s tomorrow in the hopes of finding more.

A dress, maybe? How funny would that be?

I went to one of my fave Joann’s the other day. Looking for new, interesting fabrics for this project. I found a few, but one caught my eye because it was kind of ridiculous. And there was only about 1 yard left of it… I sent a picture message to this guy:


And I received a big ol’ YES. So I bought the yard or so that was there.Β  And it’s just so over the top & crazy that I think it might work out.

I managed to also finish this tonight:

skulls bib

Yep. A bib covered in skull & cross bones.

I would say I’ve truly lost my mind, except I know what fabrics I’m planning to buy over the next few weeks. It gets stranger and more bizarre. I kid you not.


16 09 2009
  • I want to know something about Pittsburgh… Because I REALLY do not get it… Sidewalks… why do people refuse to use them?

When faced with a perfectly good, non-decaying sidewalk (yes, it may have a slab or two that are off-kilter, but it’s still passable) I want to know why people in the ‘Burgh refuse to use them. I don’t mean a random narrow side street. This is either a decent width one-way street or a two-way street with parking on each side of the street.

And I’m not talking about folks on bikes or roller blades etc. I used to ride my bike to work, so I understand all those rules & regulations.

What I’m talking about is regular people walking down the middle of a street. Just strolling down the middle – or, oh-so-slightly to the left or right of a street. So that it’s nearly impossible for you to drive past without running them over. I’ve seen it all over Bloomfield/Friendship/Shadyside/Point Breeze/ East Liberty etc. Even other sections of town.

I’ve seen all kinds of people – professionals, athletic types, kids, older adults, someone who looks down on their luck etc. – ALL kinds. And there is no way these people are heading to a vehicle. Why would you, when there is a perfectly good, usable sidewalk just a few feet away!

I slow down to a near stop when I find these people in the street so that they can move out of my way… Really they’d probably hurt the midgie more than my car would hurt them.

But I still don’t UNDERSTAND why you’d just walk down a street instead of a sidewalk. Can anyone help me here?

  • I bought a new iron today. Why am I telling you about it? Well, my old iron was the one that The Nana bought for me when I left for college many, many years ago.


Yes, it’s old. And yes, I was still using it. No wonder I was confused when things weren’t perfectly crisp and free of wrinkles when I ironed them lately… And yes, I didn’t really realize this until last weekend when I ironed something at Lili’s house. I was shocked at how great my stuff looked! Really, I don’t think it became an issue until I started sewing so much and HAD to iron nearly every day…

So after seeing my shock upon using Lili’s iron, The Nana gave me an early Christmas present and told me to go buy a new iron today when a sale started at Kohl’s. So now, I’m the owner of this:



I haven’t used it yet… but I’m sure it’s 30 kagillion times better than the hunk o’junk I’ve been using. I’ll let you know…

  • I spent most of this evening scouring the interwebz trying to find contact info for a huge list of breweries that I want to invite to Brewfest this year. I managed to find contact info/fill out contact forms etc. for 51 of them. That brings my total number of breweries contacted in some way to a minimum of 110. Probably more, but that’s a rough count and I don’t want to count anymore.

By the way, if you read this, and you are NOT a rugby player, you ARE planning to attend Brewfest, right? (The correct answer here is YES.)

  • All of my time – free time, that is – is now devoted to Brewfest it seems. Timing is about right. So much for a social life, sewing or anything else I want to do for myself. It’s all good because this year’s event WILL be better than last year. More info on that as details become available.
  • If you were wondering, I miss My Little C terribly. I think I need to work on getting Skype set up for Lili and I this weekend so that Little C and I can giggle at one another through the interwebz. That, my friends? Will be so much fun. Really.

Do it, do it, do it…

15 09 2009

Upon reading this, you should immediately click on THIS LINK RIGHT HERE and go vote for the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh to win a $10,000 game room (including flat screen LCD tvs, X-Box systems, etc, etc, etc,). Microsoft & The Children’s Miracle Network joined forces for this, and really I can’t see a reason not to do it.

And guess what? For registering your super basic info? You can vote 10x per day. I just did it (again) and you vote, wait for the page to re-load, it tells you that you have 9 more votes. You click vote again, it tells you that you have 8Β  more and so forth. So ruggers, I’m looking directly at you – you know you are good people, right? So let’s help out the little folk, ok? And you’ll make me super happy and maybe less likely to scream at you at Brewfest. Good things all around.

And besides, if our Children’s Hospital doesn’t win this, Ginny is going to go for Option #2, and you KNOW I’ll be hitting you up for donations for it…Yes, yes I will.

Come on. Do it. It takes less than 5 minutes. Yes – rugby guys – I mean you as well… Don’t make me talk to you at My Living Room and show you pictures of the adorable Little C to motivate you, cause she’s so cute it will just end up embarassing you. I kid you not.

(And I’d just like to remind you that I just saw my Little C this past weekend, and god forbid anything ever happens to her, but if anything ever does, I pray that there is a fantastic Children’s Hospital like ours nearby to care for her.)

Your choice, a few mouse clicks or many emails from me demanding $$$. πŸ™‚

Come on, what else makes me smile this much, in this way but my tiny Little C????


At this point, she only has my hair, as you can see. In about 6 seconds after this, she was screeching, laughing and pressing her face up to my cheek (I think she was trying to eat my cheek.) and grabbing my shirt. It was adorable and hysterical and a little painful (the hair pulling) at the same time. And I’d do it again without even thinking.

So go VOTE. Do it now. Think about how happy My Little C makes me and then think about how happy those kids that use Children’s Hospital of Pgh make their own families!! If you know me, and like me even a little, you’ll do it now.

Thank you!