2 09 2009

So tonight at practice we played touch, the women’s version. Two hand touch required. Any stupid passes, knock-ons etc result in a turn over. We are allowed to kick at any point (which I ALWAYS forget.)

So there was a kick and I went to catch it. As did a player opposing us on our tiny little field…. (I have no name for her right now, my brain is fried, nothing to do with this situation. Check for an update later.)

Anyway, we collided. Actually, her elbow and my right cheekbone collided. Oops.

It immediately started swelling.

We started one of the coach’s super fantastic fitness runs – lactic ladders (god help me, I tried to find a link to explain this, but couldn’t find one!) – and not only did my lack of summer rugby b/c of my knee make me unable to complete it, I kept seeing this swelling lump below my right eye in my peripheral vision.

So my left cheekbone:


Left eye/cheekbone


Right eye/cheekbone. ooh look at my pretty eyelashes! woot! no mascara there! sweet!

Honestly, I have no idea how big that lump is. But I can still see it. And as far as I know, there’s no visible bruising… Who knows what tomorrow will bring? AND for the record – totally not the un-named chick’s fault…. Just a random oops rugby thing. And, no, I will not punch you in the eye as you asked to repay you, no matter how it ends up.

However, I’ve never, ever had a black eye from rugby. My face seems to not bruise as well as my arms or legs. (Fail, IMHO) So here’s hoping!

Instead, here are pics of me from the Pizza Off I ran to after my game last weekend…

This is me, just after arriving…. Hello everyone!!


And now a face you may have seen before, or at least a variation of the face:


Recognize it? No? how about this?


The scrunched up, similing face? (I really love that smile, to be honest!!) Anyone seen it before? No? It’s apparently my “OMG I just met or am playing with a little person who rocks face.” Had no idea, until I saw that ridiculouse smile on my face in picture twice in a few months time.

Why? Well, I am not only blessed by my Little C, who lives a zillion miles away, but also by a plethora of Yinz Team kiddos. Thankfully, all were born well before my baby girl, Little C, so each and every one of them I meet is teaching me something to look forward to with her.

To the YinzTeam parents – thanks for bringing your kids to our events or letting me visit. (Hi, A! make sure you tell her I said HI! @burghbaby!) I hate that my Little C is so far away. But your children have helped me learn what’s in store when I visit and how to interact with her better. I love you all for it.

By the way did I mention that there are 10 – TEN – days till I go visit Little C, Lili and NE? No?





2 responses

2 09 2009
Whistle Blower

I have mixed feelings about kicking during touch.

On one hand, it does develop a relatively under-utilized tool in women’s rugby. Additionally, kicks stretch the defense vertically. This can create space horizontally across the field – providing some gaps to attack. Finally, kicking does happen in matches and too often players watch the deep three “deal with the situation”, but do nothing to assist with the counter attack.

On the other hand, players that have the “go ahead” to kick during touch often feel that they can do it in the match too. Frequently these players “kick because they can” (or think they can) with no thought of WHY they are kicking or WHERE they are kicking. At your game on Saturday, it was noted that one player kicked (on more than one occasion) kicked due to desperation. This will not help your team win matches against quality opponents.

2 09 2009

I agree – hopefully allowing said kicking in that situation will help us learn when is the appropriate time? I think a lot of people in the sport in general use kicking in general out of desperation. As a participant, spectator & touch judge, that gets old very quickly. However, when used correctly it’s apparent and adds an interesting element to the game.

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