3 09 2009

So as I wrote my last post, I was looking for a song, and a friend graciously contributed a number of songs. All inappropriate, in my mind, for the post. But the songs? They were good, well, mostly.

So I asked said friend to suggest a few more songs, mostly because I’ve gotten away from my Music is My Muse posts. And I’m not happy with that.

I was given three songs, and I’m going to try to work those into my posts in the next week or so…

But it figures that his first requested suggestion was this song. Gee, thanks, Mr. You-Know-Who-You-Are…  The lyrics may be NSFW, btw.

Kinda fits, right? I’m well aware of why anyone calls me a bitch at times. And I’m perfectly okay with it. Totally.

Because the ones that dare to call me that, doesn’t know me at all. Or apparently have never looked any deeper than reading just the one post. The extended reading would show them the “true” me. But I guess sometimes it’s better that people don’t try to look around here…

Wonder what fuel for the fire they would find? Anyone?

Hell, what do I know… maybe they did and don’t care. Doesn’t matter. I don’t care either.

Anyway. Here’s what this post is really about and what I REALLY care about right now…

8There are EIGHT days until I see my Little C. Eight. I’m entirely excited.

And it seems my Little C is getting big enough to fit into the onesies I made her. Sweet.

Unfortunately I still have to fix the dress I made so that the tiny holes (that are now bigger) are covered… And I have to figure out if I’m carrying or shipping Little C’s presents… (oh! just remembered I can post all of that in 9 days or so! yay!) And pack for the rest of the weekend.

So much to do. But it’s worth it. Worth more than anything else going on in my life right now. True story.



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