Six and stuff…

6 09 2009

This post contains eleventy thousand links & pics to distract someone but the first point is this number here:

littlec6Six days until I will breath in and out, and all will be right in the world. In. Out. All is right….

My Little C. And her christening. So happy to see her & my family!!!

I can’t wait. And I will be a much happier and calm person after that one, single breath.

In the meantime, I’ve been keeping myself busy:

  • Special projects for Lili.
  • Fixing the dress I plan to wear next weekend, the one from the wedding.
  • La la la … keep paying attention….
  • Today was a Saturday, A RUGBY DAY… I wasn’t playing, and the boys were in Cleveland, so I went to see my Pitt kids play and run touch.
  • I also made a point to go to see PghRugbyRef’s boys, D and Q. They are super. Absolutely, good little guys. I love them!
  • Later, I attended a fun party hosted by the spectacular duo from @StromHuelsman. At said party, I finally got to have a real conversation (several, actually) with @CarmanAvenue – every time we’ve been in the same place it’s too busy, too crowded with friends or too loud for us to have talked before. I’m glad I had the chance finally!
  • I also had a chance to finally meet @geekstar (who I don’t think realizes yet that we went to the same high school. What? I wasn’t about to break that out during our other wine and beer convos about the South Side. Duh.)
Anyway, after viewing many rounds of BeerPong and FlipCup, neither of which I will participate in, I chose to return home…

And then, some photos of me surfaced from the Pizza Off surfaced tonight…Why I choose to post these? I have no clear idea, except they aren’t too bad. Thanks, @robjdlc! You find me in the strangest or closest situations ever. And I’m okay with it!

So, back to the story… I returned home to finally almost finish this:
So it still needs finished up, but still….. how freaking amazing is it? I don’t care how not perfect it is… if it was perfect? A machine would have made it. Instead, I made it. I’m pretty sure UncleCrappy, MrsCrappy and every one of their tailgate friends at OSU games won’t care. Ergo, nor do I.
It will be done ASAP, UncleCrappy. I promise.  Before I go to see Little C.



5 responses

6 09 2009
Uncle Crappy

Trying not to hyperventilate.

6 09 2009

Thanks for coming out. Next time I hope Q is more social.

The hat is perfect, and the best part is that it’s handmade.

I don’t have to tell you this, bucause I have no doubt you will; enjoy your trip south.

7 09 2009

I thought I commented on this Saturday night, but that was after a couple Guinness and a half dozen Molson XXX.

Thank you for coming out. I hope the next time Q is more social.

What makes the hat perfect is that it is homemade.

I know I don’t have to tell you, because I’m sure you will; enjoy your time down south.

7 09 2009

Here have another…boy is my brain shot. I didn’t see my first comment because it wasn’t approved yet, so I posted the second. Now I see both “awaiting moderation”. And the first was done on Sunday…

7 09 2009

I was a little busy on Sunday night with a short road trip to Cleveland to retrieve someone. Yeah.

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