12 09 2009

I had the brilliant idea yesterday to get my hair cut while running errands before my trip. Great idea, right? Absolutely, except that I went to Supercuts and apparently the chick didn’t listen. The haircut that was supposed to “brush my shoulders?” Yeah, it won’t even come close for another few weeks.



Whatever. I don’t really care. I’m at the airport right now. Waiting to board my flight. 5 hours till Lili and Little C meet me at the airport.

I’m taking presents. Presents other than the special ones for her baptism. I saw them at Marshalls when I was buying this:


Sorry, Lili, but I couldn’t resist. Actually I could have, but I didn’t. Although at some point, I believe you did give me permission to be the fun, spoiling Aunt.




Cute, huh? They’re in my bag, ready to be handed over the second I see her. Because why wait, right?




One response

12 09 2009

I almost bought that same bag at Marshall’s!! I talked myself into and out of it several times, but in the end didn’t get it. đŸ™‚ I’m glad you did though cause it was a terrific price and a great bag!

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