14 09 2009

I’ve arrived back home to the ‘Burgh.

And I’m incredibly sad. Tearing up many times at leaving My Little C…

I’ll have a post with whatever pics I can manage to post here soon – a day or two.

For now:

  • There’s a great deal of fantastic contained in a 4 month old giving you a toothless grin every single time you smile at her and say hi when someone else is holding her. Every. Single. Time. It’s amazing. Thankfully, My Little C gave me enough smiles to maybe last me till Thanksgiving. Maybe.
  • And the giggles and screeches that said 4 month old will let out when you play and tickle and talk? It’s better than anything else in the world.
  • And when that 4 month old grabs your shirt in one hand, and your hair in the other, and giggles, screeches and presses her face to your cheek and kinda crawls up your side while holding her? It’s hysterical.
  • And It’s really hard to let her go and say goodbye. Really hard. Really.

I think she likes me… No, loves me, My Little C. And you know what? I love her even more than I could tell you.

Thank you, Lili and NE for this past weekend. I am incredibly blessed to be a big part of her life. It makes me even happier than I am sad right now. 🙂 She’s freaking fantastic.




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