Do it, do it, do it…

15 09 2009

Upon reading this, you should immediately click on THIS LINK RIGHT HERE and go vote for the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh to win a $10,000 game room (including flat screen LCD tvs, X-Box systems, etc, etc, etc,). Microsoft & The Children’s Miracle Network joined forces for this, and really I can’t see a reason not to do it.

And guess what? For registering your super basic info? You can vote 10x per day. I just did it (again) and you vote, wait for the page to re-load, it tells you that you have 9 more votes. You click vote again, it tells you that you have 8  more and so forth. So ruggers, I’m looking directly at you – you know you are good people, right? So let’s help out the little folk, ok? And you’ll make me super happy and maybe less likely to scream at you at Brewfest. Good things all around.

And besides, if our Children’s Hospital doesn’t win this, Ginny is going to go for Option #2, and you KNOW I’ll be hitting you up for donations for it…Yes, yes I will.

Come on. Do it. It takes less than 5 minutes. Yes – rugby guys – I mean you as well… Don’t make me talk to you at My Living Room and show you pictures of the adorable Little C to motivate you, cause she’s so cute it will just end up embarassing you. I kid you not.

(And I’d just like to remind you that I just saw my Little C this past weekend, and god forbid anything ever happens to her, but if anything ever does, I pray that there is a fantastic Children’s Hospital like ours nearby to care for her.)

Your choice, a few mouse clicks or many emails from me demanding $$$. 🙂

Come on, what else makes me smile this much, in this way but my tiny Little C????


At this point, she only has my hair, as you can see. In about 6 seconds after this, she was screeching, laughing and pressing her face up to my cheek (I think she was trying to eat my cheek.) and grabbing my shirt. It was adorable and hysterical and a little painful (the hair pulling) at the same time. And I’d do it again without even thinking.

So go VOTE. Do it now. Think about how happy My Little C makes me and then think about how happy those kids that use Children’s Hospital of Pgh make their own families!! If you know me, and like me even a little, you’ll do it now.

Thank you!




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