16 09 2009
  • I want to know something about Pittsburgh… Because I REALLY do not get it… Sidewalks… why do people refuse to use them?

When faced with a perfectly good, non-decaying sidewalk (yes, it may have a slab or two that are off-kilter, but it’s still passable) I want to know why people in the ‘Burgh refuse to use them. I don’t mean a random narrow side street. This is either a decent width one-way street or a two-way street with parking on each side of the street.

And I’m not talking about folks on bikes or roller blades etc. I used to ride my bike to work, so I understand all those rules & regulations.

What I’m talking about is regular people walking down the middle of a street. Just strolling down the middle – or, oh-so-slightly to the left or right of a street. So that it’s nearly impossible for you to drive past without running them over. I’ve seen it all over Bloomfield/Friendship/Shadyside/Point Breeze/ East Liberty etc. Even other sections of town.

I’ve seen all kinds of people – professionals, athletic types, kids, older adults, someone who looks down on their luck etc. – ALL kinds. And there is no way these people are heading to a vehicle. Why would you, when there is a perfectly good, usable sidewalk just a few feet away!

I slow down to a near stop when I find these people in the street so that they can move out of my way… Really they’d probably hurt the midgie more than my car would hurt them.

But I still don’t UNDERSTAND why you’d just walk down a street instead of a sidewalk. Can anyone help me here?

  • I bought a new iron today. Why am I telling you about it? Well, my old iron was the one that The Nana bought for me when I left for college many, many years ago.


Yes, it’s old. And yes, I was still using it. No wonder I was confused when things weren’t perfectly crisp and free of wrinkles when I ironed them lately… And yes, I didn’t really realize this until last weekend when I ironed something at Lili’s house. I was shocked at how great my stuff looked! Really, I don’t think it became an issue until I started sewing so much and HAD to iron nearly every day…

So after seeing my shock upon using Lili’s iron, The Nana gave me an early Christmas present and told me to go buy a new iron today when a sale started at Kohl’s. So now, I’m the owner of this:



I haven’t used it yet… but I’m sure it’s 30 kagillion times better than the hunk o’junk I’ve been using. I’ll let you know…

  • I spent most of this evening scouring the interwebz trying to find contact info for a huge list of breweries that I want to invite to Brewfest this year. I managed to find contact info/fill out contact forms etc. for 51 of them. That brings my total number of breweries contacted in some way to a minimum of 110. Probably more, but that’s a rough count and I don’t want to count anymore.

By the way, if you read this, and you are NOT a rugby player, you ARE planning to attend Brewfest, right? (The correct answer here is YES.)

  • All of my time – free time, that is – is now devoted to Brewfest it seems. Timing is about right. So much for a social life, sewing or anything else I want to do for myself. It’s all good because this year’s event WILL be better than last year. More info on that as details become available.
  • If you were wondering, I miss My Little C terribly. I think I need to work on getting Skype set up for Lili and I this weekend so that Little C and I can giggle at one another through the interwebz. That, my friends? Will be so much fun. Really.



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