Pirates n’at

18 09 2009

So I really, really don’t get it, but September 19th is “Talk Like A Pirate Day.” Normally, I would never, ever bring this up, but I’m working on a special project of bib sets right now, and one of them happens to be related.


Who can’t love fabric covered in pirates? I need to find something else to make with it. I’m going to another JoAnn’s tomorrow in the hopes of finding more.

A dress, maybe? How funny would that be?

I went to one of my fave Joann’s the other day. Looking for new, interesting fabrics for this project. I found a few, but one caught my eye because it was kind of ridiculous. And there was only about 1 yard left of it… I sent a picture message to this guy:


And I received a big ol’ YES. So I bought the yard or so that was there.  And it’s just so over the top & crazy that I think it might work out.

I managed to also finish this tonight:

skulls bib

Yep. A bib covered in skull & cross bones.

I would say I’ve truly lost my mind, except I know what fabrics I’m planning to buy over the next few weeks. It gets stranger and more bizarre. I kid you not.




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