Weekend Win…

20 09 2009

I actually managed to get a ton of things done this weekend, and have a really good time as well. Absolute win.

I stayed in on Friday, most of the night on the phone dealing with rugby stuff and started in on the bib sets I need to make. I have 3 partial bibs ready to be put together and two and a half sets 99% done (just need the snaps on the bibs!) I also worked on finishing the stitching on the Little C and Me sewn logo. It’s almost done!!

I also went to Joann’s on Saturday and did some additional fabric research. Good things.

I’d say that sewing wise, I did pretty well. There’s still more to do, but I’ll get to it soon.

I checked my email on Friday night to find a picture of this:

red sox

That little almost-chubster is Little C in her new “My First Red Sox Tee” shirt, sent from her Aunt & Uncle in New England!  Isn’t it cute? She’s got a gigantic grin on her face in the full picture. It’s awesome.

After my Joann’s adventure on Saturday, I went and watched my boys play rugby. I didn’t travel with the girls – they won, by the way, 44-0 against Buffalo! The guys won against Toledo. 45-17, which means they get a bonus point in the Midwest standings! They played really well, against Toledo and the Developmental side. I was really impressed by all of them and happy they are doing well.

I left the game with a bag of Pitt rugby shirts that are in dire need of some repair work. I’ll start on those tomorrow night. I fear one of them is beyond my help. Basically the entire front of the jersey is ripped. Wahoo! A challenge!

Saturday night, I went to the drive in. Sans alcohol and armed with more than enough candy (Twizzlers, BottleCaps, Mike’n’Ike Lemonade variations.) Our double feature started with Sorority Row

soror row

which we spent most of the time making fun of, especially Rumor Willis, whom we nicknamed Horseface McSomething-or-other (I don’t remember!)

The second movie was The Goods… Soooo funny.


It was awesome. Hysterical, even. Too many one-liners to remember. I actually think I might add that to my tiny DVD collection in the future.

It was one of the most fun nights I’ve had watching movies in a long time!

I hope there will be more trips to the drive-in  in the future. The website says 9 will be there soon and I can’t wait!




One response

21 09 2009
Burgh Baby

In one night you managed to watch more movies than I’ve watched all year. For reals.

(I don’t watch the stuff that Alexis has on TV. In fact, I’m seldom even in the same room. That’s the husband’s thang.)

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